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Discussion in 'Users’ Corner' started by AnneDieuleVeut, May 14, 2018.

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  1. AnneDieuleVeut

    AnneDieuleVeut Community Team Team Seafight

    Ahoy Pirates,

    We observed a lot of discussion in our forums about the change we did concerning the cabin boys some time ago. Our Producer Jan prepared a statement that we will post in the English speaking forum as well as in the German forum to make sure that our players understand the measure. Jan would also give our players the opportunity to discuss it with him in this thread. So if you have questions or comments, please comment to this post.

    Here's the statement:

    "We have decided to not offer the cabin boys anymore, as we are reaching our technical limitation in terms of reload speed. 40% speed-boost was a nice idea in the time we have implemented the cabin boys. Since that time a lot of things have changed however. This puts us in a position where we are realizing, that we are missing the flexibility that is needed to continue to add more content to the game (may it be new levels, features, etc.).

    Removing the cabin boys is for us the least interfering measure to get rid of the reload problem as we are looking at an item with a strict time-limitation.

    We are planning to replace the missing 20% reload speed with damage boosts that we want to make obtainable on multiple features (new skill-tree, etc.). This will be part of the updates you will see during this year.

    In case you have any questions on current or upcoming decisions, feel free to post them within this thread. I’ll try to check by every once in a while to answer them.


    Remember to stay within forum rules or you may find your forum privileges removed.

    Your Seafight Team
  2. ☆.CR7.☆

    ☆.CR7.☆ Forum Apprentice

    1. The slow reload-speed will now affect us in a bad way in terms of gathering pearls. Everything, incuding events and raid map will now take longer time to gather the amount of pearls you would gather with cabinboys. Have you though about that? If not...For next events, you should take this into consideration.

    2. Why didnt you just move cabin boys from every ship the day you announced it? If not, give everyone a nice chance of buying it to it maximum potential. What we have now, is that people are fighting eachother with completely different reload speed, making some people not playing at all.

    3. There is a package that still give 30 days cabinboys. Arent we within our rights to get what you claim to give?
  3. βarbariaή

    βarbariaή Forum Apprentice

    Obtainable on new features ?:eek:
    Pay to have features ?:confused:
    As always...:rolleyes:
    Scratch your wallets again boys & brace yourselves.;)
    More payment content incoming:D
  4. kapt_Haak

    kapt_Haak Forum Greenhorn

    Sorry for the mistakes in the following text. English is not my first language. (You just try to type a text in dutch).

    My view on the removing of the cabinboys

    1. Removing the cabinboys will not effect the pvp game. You get a slow, less interesting game, but the strenght differences do not change between the players
    2. Removing the cabinboys will have a big effect on the shooting of npc-s. The shooter will get more damage and it wil therefore be more difficult to shoot npc-ships. For some players it will become impossible to shoot some npc's because a lack of tp-points. It will take also mutch more time to shoot a npc. As a fair player it will be very dull to shoot pearls/crowns/gold. Bots wil be very popular. As a result a lot of players will stop playing this game.

    Possible solution

    1. Dont remove the cabinboys before you have an alternative! You make it almost imposseble and certainly less amusing to play this game. This will be part of the updates you will see during this year. This is not good enough.

    2. Increase the shooting speed of all players with 20 %. Decrese the shooting speed of npc with 20% or decrese the tp of npc-ships with 20%.

    3. Make a castle / talent that can increase the shooting speed of you ship with 20%
  5. michbo15

    michbo15 Forum Greenhorn

    New skill tree will be found in the payment? :v
  6. Grand-mariner™

    Grand-mariner™ Forum Veteran

    It will take 20% longer to sink an NPC, so more damage will be caused to our ships. This extra damage caused solely through your change to this feature will therefore either need more Amulets to repair the increased damage you have caused, or for more time spent stood still waiting to repair whilst not playing the game.

    Question : Will the amount of damage that NPC will cause to our boats be % reduced accordingly, or will Amulets be reduced in price pro-rata so players are not significantly disadvantaged due to these changes?

    (Proposal) *Or better still, how about introducing a repair whilst you sail crew member to repair Voodoo shields whilst still in motion. This may compensate customers since you are otherwise placing customers at a significant disadvantage.

    This could cover your company to help make your proposed changes not just morally, but also legally compliant!
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  7. Lintrépide78

    Lintrépide78 Forum Apprentice


    i'm coming from french Server. Sorry if my english isn't perfect but you should to understand me i think :)

    I'm playing seafight since 8 maybe 9 years now, i would like to explain many points about recent update and new features.

    The cabin boys you will remove isn't good update and same if you boost damage of all ship. Why ? because today our ship deal 100 000 + damage and many NPC got less than 100 000 hp so for us player deal more damage is useless when we must kill like 50 NPC ... because we one shoot them. So only reload speed is important for us today. (Bonus map for exemple)

    Now the game is infested by cheaters, honnest people are tired to fight, spend pearls and crowns to destroy many towers of island. Because many guild use Software to farm pearls and put those pearls into their guild. We can't fight anymore those kind of player ...

    I don't think to be wrong if i say the game haven't lot of new players ... Today if we ask me if i suggest this game ? Answer is NOOOO run away this game. To many cheaters ... Mentality of community is very bad ... maybe not on all server but on French server when you see all provocation in game, on forum ... you just want stop to play ...

    The difference between "Pay to Play" and "Free to play" Players is to big. A player who don't pay anything SHOULD HAVE possibility with money IN GAME (pearls crowns ect ...) to be Strong like Player who pay with real money. Today it's not. A player who start never ca be equal as P2P players. AND IT'S NOT NORMAL ! to cristalize canon you should had a timer like 2 hours to cristalize 3 canons lvl 0 into 2 canons lvl 1. AND PAY should be only to accelerate the cristalization. But today if i create new account i never could be Full everything without PLAY few years ...

    Castle price, skills price, slots price. I'm asking if developpers know the real cost of everything to be full in this game. If new player see the price in pearls crowns ... he just runs far away this game.

    I'm trying to explain many bad things in this game. Contact mine, Fixed range, new tortuga light, many thing are bad. If the game want survive, you should listen a little bit more all player.

    I can't say developpers did nothing because it's false to say that. Many suggestion from player topic has been implemented (setting on ship to change fast, castle system and more) But all those update arrived few years to late ... and many player have stop the game because nothing has been done to upgrade the game IN TIME.

    Today we get to much lags while event with lot of NPC ... many bug has been reported. Developers should instead try to fix the game's problems rather than adding new content that makes players crash more.

    This topic is an opportunity to explain what i was thinking actually. Do not be too hard with my criticism ... I love this game but many thing must be do to do revive this game :D

    Founder of
  8. babenewport

    babenewport Someday Author

    hear hear well written and spot on agree 100%
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  9. Knowshon

    Knowshon Forum Greenhorn

    Hey there !

    I come from France so dont be mad about my english.

    The cabine boy have been removed but in same time you upgraded the minimum reload canon to 1.9seconde ! That dont hace sence if you remove somthing to make shoot faster and same time put the minimim reload shoot that will not work nobody will be able to reach 1.9 speed.

    This game is all about PVP because is Pirate game , and i never see pirate farming mobidik.
    So how you whant us to fight with 6.94 reload ? There was actualy totaly boring to play because you dont even listen what your comunity tomd you.

    LHMAN sponsored.
  10. jokar_uae

    jokar_uae Someday Author

    for me, the problem is not that the cabin boys have been removed from the tavern section but that they have not been removed from payment section. So, now, people who are able to purchase or are silly enough to purchase these cabin boys are going to have them for longer than the average player. Remove them, entirely or not at all.
  11. Pagan_Spirit

    Pagan_Spirit Forum Inhabitant

    When about will this update (new skills) be implemented?
    --> so that players who are unhappy atm can know when to return.
  12. Lintrépide78

    Lintrépide78 Forum Apprentice

    Actually we have 3 way for skills .... OGUN AGWE LEGBA so new one will probably be SIMBI ^^
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  13. Loki1621

    Loki1621 Junior Expert

    when you pay for them
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  14. No_Mercy

    No_Mercy Junior Expert

    After reading the forms can’t uou see removing them was a bad idea just put them back on in the game
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  15. -samo854-

    -samo854- Forum Greenhorn

    forgot to say everything payment rounds
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  16. *Spirit_of_Death*

    *Spirit_of_Death* Junior Expert


    I understand that you must change loading time for cannon to increase the playability, because currently servers are not able to send and receive data in such a short time. What is the guarantee that with the next game updates the loading time will not be reduced by new items, skills etc. ? Will you give us a guarantee that you will not change the time of reloading of cannons for the next 2-3 years, because it will be possible technologically? Why NPC reolad time will not reduced by 20% ? It also has an impact on the game.

    About planning updates... I think that our ships it's to strong and new updates it's not needed, but you must back to old years 2008-2010 where players use gold amunition for missions, daily game, events. The balance of the game is tragic, does anyone control it? or just introducing new items to earn money and make monthly sales plans ? Please create a account without items from payments and try sunk some of players (good luck). Free to play... as NPC... certainly not as an equal opponent / player. In my opinion new updates it's bad way to make the game more attractive.
  17. Devil-Skorreggione

    Devil-Skorreggione Forum Greenhorn

    sorry for the bad english but the english translation english made it a google translator, I share what the french player Lintrépide78 said, both on the use of programs for making risor (pearls crowns and so on) even on mega sever 7 (italy 1 and 2 with russia 1 and 2) and full of players who do not use. Regarding the development of the game some have been beautiful and interesting others just to spend to keep the ship at an acceptable level of competitiveness, currently a new player more than growing a ship from scratch tries to buy a ship already made ( from a player who leaves the game for vatri reasons) also because buying a full ship is cheaper than growing it also in the time factor to devote to the game. Returning to the aggirnamento in question the question seems to me very sermplice who can currently spends 5 euros per month to buy the hubs or boys of cabins from the package for sale and those who can not or shoot much slower and then can also stop playing, because they will never have the chance to win a fight with one who spends
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  18. kapt_Haak

    kapt_Haak Forum Greenhorn

    Another solution for the problem you encounter can be to take another thing from the game.
    I think of the differences in distance for the harpoons. Take that out. Its mutch less influencing the game. Those players who have a castle you give back the cristals ( it seems to me its possible to write a script)

    is for us the least interfering measure

    That should not be the important factor. I think that you have to look at the game and the pleasure teh players have playing it. By taking out the cabinboys you damage the game and wil cost a lot of players, or maybe thats what you want so you can merge again some servers?

    If you want to make the game more attractive, taking out the cabinboys is a wrong move.
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  19. BlindBullet

    BlindBullet Forum Apprentice

    in my opinion they do this change in their benefit , cos us players will only loose , items to repair ourselves, will loose pearls in events cos we will shoot less npc's etc., we will loose money cose I sure they will bring some stuff on payment, like new cannons with better reload , TIME cos wee need to rep more often, and at some point some of us will have enough with this game and will gna say the F word and give up!
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