Atlantis - Action Items

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    Atlantis - Action Items

    Submarine Action Items are items which you can use to get a temporary boost.

    Your Submarine Action Items can be found on the Sea Chart under the "Star" icon.


    You can activate your submarine action item by simply clicking on your desired item.

    Full list of currently available Submarine Action Items can be found listed below.



    Removes the breach with the highest stack.


    This action item will remove Breaches with the highest Stack Count (Cooldown 12 sec).

    Hawkins Majorus


    Instantly charges all Atlantian Engine Crystals.


    This action item will recharge 5 Atlantian Engine Crystals (AEC).

    Hawkins Minorus


    Instantly charges one Atlantian Engine Crystal.


    This action item will recharge 1 Atlantian Engine Crystal (AEC).

    Pressure Cooker


    Start the party with a blast! The Pressure Cooker deals flat damage to all vessels in the explosive radius!


    This action item is simply a surface version of Submarine Sonar.

    Deals 70 000 Area Damage on both Players and NPCs.

    Turns Stealthed submarines visible for ships.

    Cooldown 300 seconds.