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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Seren, Mar 18, 2021.

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  1. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Forum Ambassador

    Sorry to say that the developers stopped caring about the small players many years ago when they threw out the PvE maps.
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  2. ™~☣~ℒüїṧ~☣~™

    ™~☣~ℒüїṧ~☣~™ Forum Apprentice

    I belive ships and chest should give bit more souls!! its sad how low they pay out!! also lower that dmg off thos big ships!! im getting hit almost 200k a pop :(
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  3. BOMBER890

    BOMBER890 Forum Apprentice

    Complaints & rec. changes
    Radiant souls are too hard to get
    Sunken lady spawn rate is way too low
    Group map is way too hard with low level players
    Group map green version sinks your entire team in <1minute
    Sunken lady every 1000-1500 small ships
    Group map hp lowered to 90mil/robot
    Green debuff changed
    Small ship :
    hp: 7.5mil (or 10 mil)
    2x loot it gives right now (7k pearls -> 14k pearls ,..)
    2 cursed and 2 radiant souls per ship and guaranteed ancient emblem
    (boardable with small chance of pisces/gemini bonusmap)
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  4. Daboyzz!

    Daboyzz! Someday Author

    Shot Birthday cake got pearls reward but no queens legacy? Others got it?
  5. Alice160215

    Alice160215 Forum Greenhorn

    When is the new ammo (dept charge) on the market?
  6. Rabbid

    Rabbid Forum Inhabitant

    Need more pearls in event ships.

    Still time to fix this. It's suppose to be a "celebration" but feels the opposite. Raid map paying better.
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  7. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Forum Ambassador

    In the Event FAQs, scroll down...way down.... to where it says Quest Item Redemptions, and read from there down to answer your question.
  8. baronvonrat

    baronvonrat Forum Apprentice

    Ok as I have said before this event is really not good its fine for the really strong ships but for the small ones not good at all rewards are poor you cant see spawns of the big ships and hey its big points birthday I have been building and saving my big point coins are we going to get stuff to buy with them and the packages OMG they are bad its once a year guys a celebration. The developers have lost it a bit here, I get it you want to get Unity up and running but come on guys its 15 year celebration. A bit more cursed would be good, lets see the spawns over all maps and reduce the damage a bit, job done. 15 years dam I love this game.
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  9. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Forum Ambassador

    These are some really good comments. I feel the same mate!
  10. Bat_sali84

    Bat_sali84 Forum Greenhorn

    This event is disaster 3 days i cant make this stupid quest with 25 milion damage on Sunken Queen when we cant find her how i can make and next one witch is 50 milion? Need to change that to show in all map where Sunken Queen is apear or to fix this quest.Olso the design group map is hard to take it most of the people take it from first time i make 6-7 maps and nothing
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  11. (WFA)petitebud(6x6)

    (WFA)petitebud(6x6) Junior Expert

    How do the packages work? I noticed they changed the payment packages, the first ones are no longer available.
    And how long with the buccaneer's bounty be available?
  12. §{Spartacus}§¹

    §{Spartacus}§¹ Forum Greenhorn

    pifio event...
  13. Swift

    Swift Board Administrator Team Seafight


    If you had purchased the Sigma packages that were available until Saturday 20th March at 23:59, then you would have received a discount on the four packages that are currently available.

    The Buccaneer's Bounty will be available until the end of the "Sale Away" sale; more info in the Official Announcements.

  14. ☠FIREBALL☠

    ☠FIREBALL☠ Active Author

    when does this wake finish. no queen 3 days it must have sunk
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  15. Bawdyn

    Bawdyn Forum Veteran

    Another 2 weeks of this event to go and its essentially over for me now. I'm also stuck (like others are) at needing to find a Sunken Queen to continue with the quests and looking ahead to the next quests, I'll never get any further with them either. I've sunk one Tide Weaver and seen two others. I've never seen a Sunken Queen or Leviathan or Cake.

    The payouts on the event ships is not worth the effort to sink them other than for season coins.

    The market prices for things purchased for souls are way too high considering how small the soul payouts are on the event ships.

    Not much here to 'celebrate'.
  16. Swift

    Swift Board Administrator Team Seafight

    Ahoy Pirates,

    I have forwarded all the feedback placed in this thread so far and I will continue to do so.

    If we are informed of any changes we will let you know in the patchday notes.

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  17. ~~diego~~

    ~~diego~~ Active Author

    can we move on to the next event already please ? thank you
  18. Hello!

    I have been shooting a Leviathan XT-01 who did spawn in map 42/1, I did shoot at least around 35-40 Mill or above. + Had the most damage all the time. + Did also got the last shot. But the reward was zero. The time was 2021-03-24 21:31:55 You have sunked XT-001 Leviathan's ship.

    So my questions is, is this a ship for stealing our resources we have on our ship?

    You can check my Id if you want as well, if you are allowed to do it. The Support usually just copy & paste feedback. And others saying they are gonna check it out, but you never hear from them again anyway. So where can we as customers/players get the real answers?
  19. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight

    This matter has been forwarded to the developers to review, when we get information regarding this matter we will of course inform the players.

    If and when support do inform you that it will be reviewed, they will also forward it. I understand your frustration about copy and paste answers, however in their defence there can only be so many ways of informing a player that a matter has been forwarded.
  20. I think I have got the fastest feedback from Support in all my time of playing this game since 2008. But I will inform that I could not get any compentations for the lost resources. So then I will inform the players to not shoot on NPC`s they do not get any rewards for. But thanks for the info Seren.
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