Best Cannons for PvP, PvE, etc?

Discussion in 'Help' started by ..¤Sandokan¤.., May 16, 2017.

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  1. ..¤Sandokan¤..

    ..¤Sandokan¤.. Forum Greenhorn


    What cannons are best for PvP (elite ammo) vs PvE (hollows), etc?
  2. A-R-K-Y

    A-R-K-Y Forum Overlooker

    I recently answered something similar on the German Forum.

    A little breakdown of the +'s and -'s from my point of view:
    Firestorm+ You do not need to level this cannon up
    + A lot cheaper because you do not need to level
    + Event Ships because of the increased Damage you will do more damage than any other cannon
    + More shots, so more chance to freeze, infatuate, stigmatize the enemy
    - Less Profit per shot
    - Not much gain in damage per level
    - High Ammo Consumption
    Voodoo+ Cheapest Cannon to Level up, not many packment packages needed to be full Voodoo
    + Median in Damage vs Reload Time
    - Should be high level for great effectiveness
    - Expensive to Level
    - To be effective requires a Voodoo Priest, if possible a Level 4
    Doomhammer+ Higher profit per shot
    + High Damage
    + A large amount of damage is not reduced by the enemies Damage Prevention
    + Low ammo consumption
    - Must be leveled to Level 3 to be effective, Level 0 and 1 NOT recommended
    - Very expensive
    Devastator+ Good profit per shot
    + Very effective to combine with a bloodlust
    + Lower ammo consumption than Firestorm and Voodoo
    - Low level not recommended when other cannons are better

    Using the most common setup:
    • 309 Cannons
    • 151.5% Hit Probability (Max Hit Prob Gems, Castle, Hailstorms etc)
    • 15% Critical Hit Probability (not including % gained from Cannons)
    • 35% Critical Hit Damage (not including % gained from Cannons)
    • 7/7 Gunpowder flask
    • 7/7 Poisoners Lab
    • 7/7 Wildfire Castle
    • Unblemished Ruby (22% Cannon Damage Gem)
    • 4% Manta League Bonus
    • 6/6 Explosive Alchemy Skill (17% Cannon Damage)
    • 6/6 Ogun's Wrath Skill (14% PvE Damage)
    • 6/6 Fist of Ogun Skill (14% PvP Damage)
    • Sunstone Special Gem (3% PvE Damage)
    • Colossal Cannon Boost (7% Cannon Damage)
    • Cunning Cannon Boost (5% Cannon Damage)
    • Voodoo Priest Level 4

    Scenario 1 (PvE - Hollow Ammo):
    • 0% Dodge Chance
    • 0% Damage Prevention
    1 Shot:

    5 Minutes:

    Scenario 2 (PvE - Explosive Ammo):
    • 0% Dodge Chance
    • 0% Damage Prevention
    1 Shot:

    5 Minutes:

    Scenario 3 (PvE Event Example - Flare Ammo):
    • 250% Cannon Damage with Event Ammo
    • 0% Dodge Chance (Max Dodge)
    • 0% Damage Prevention (Max Damage Prevention of Likely Items)
    1 Shot:

    5 Minutes:

    Scenario 4 (PvP - Explosive Ammo):
    • 58% Dodge Chance (Max Dodge)
    • 78.5% Damage Prevention (Max Damage Prevention of Likely Items)
    1 Shot:

    5 Minutes:

    Scenario 5 (PvP - Explosive Ammo | Windstorms):
    • 126.5% Hit Probability
    • 58% Dodge Chance (Max Dodge)
    • 78.5% Damage Prevention (Max Damage Prevention of Likely Items)
    1 Shot:

    5 Minutes:

    Scenario 6 (PvP - Burning Ice Ammo):
    • 58% Dodge Chance (Max Dodge)
    • 78.5% Damage Prevention (Max Damage Prevention of Likely Items)
    1 Shot:

    5 Minutes:

    Scenario 7 (PvP - Burning Ice Ammo | Windstorms):
    • 126.5% Hit Probability
    • 58% Dodge Chance (Max Dodge)
    • 78.5% Damage Prevention (Max Damage Prevention of Likely Items)
    1 Shot:

    5 Minutes:

    Also for those wondering...
    • Level 0:
      • 50% Critical Damage
      • 25% Critical Hit Chance
    • Level 1:
      • 60% Critical Damage
      • 27% Critical Hit Chance
    • Level 2:
      • 70% Critical Damage
      • 29% Critical Hit Chance
    • Level 3:
      • 80% Critical Damage
      • 31% Critical Hit Chance
    • Level 4:
      • 90% Critical Damage
      • 33% Critical Hit Chance
    • Level 5:
      • 100% Critical Damage
      • 35% Critical Hit Chance
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  3. Destruction

    Destruction Old Hand

    Just here to steal @A-R-K-Y 's thunder.

    For Elite Ammunition, you have a few viable options depending on your needs.

    Doomhammer Level 4 - Doomhammers have the highest damage per shot, per level, of any cannon on this game. Although they are expensive, a player with full Lv4 Doomhammer Cannons can feasibly hit 80k standards on players, and 100k crits with ease. A player on our server who has 379 Cannons (Base 309 + 20 Manta + 50 Commonwealth Sellsword Lv3) was hitting 120k standard hits with flares on NPCs. The downside to these cannons is that they have a slow reload speed, with a Level 4 Doomhammer having 3.42 seconds as its fastest reload time.

    Firestorm - Firestorms have the fastest reload speed of any cannon, with a minimum reload speed of 2.04 seconds. They do not boast the same damage on players, but due to the fast reload they are very viable for taking the most damage on event ships, despite the profit being less due to using much more ammo.

    Voodoo Cannon Level 4 - These are more of a middle ground cannon for PvP. They have a reload speed of 2.64 minimum, and hit moderately hard. Good all-round cannons.

    Of the 3 of these, Doomhammers are the ones that every player prefers for fighting, as for PvP action, rather than shooting Events, they hit the hardest, saving you a lot of ammunition compared to Firestorms and Voodoo Cannons.

    For hollows, the best cannons to use are Admiral Cannons. They have an increased Gold Ammunition bonus, as well as offering EP and ELP for any ammo fired from them, even gold ammunition.

    I am sure ARKY will follow up to this with an in-depth review and statistics of each cannon, but I hope this gives a little insight.


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  4. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight

    If you managed to follow and understand Arky's and Des's advice, I now ask you has this solved your query.
  5. ᏕȊƝ⚡️ƁᎪᎠ

    ᏕȊƝ⚡️ƁᎪᎠ Junior Expert

  6. Perahu.Kertas

    Perahu.Kertas Someday Author

  7. A-R-K-Y

    A-R-K-Y Forum Overlooker

    Currently you can not upgrade Devastators, you shall be able to eventually though, and as it currently stands these will be the changes in each level.

  8. Perahu.Kertas

    Perahu.Kertas Someday Author

    THanks arky .. i want devastator have good demage because i see devastator bad demage elit ammo only crit
  9. Silent_knight

    Silent_knight Forum Greenhorn

    Nice calculating, only what comes to my mind how is it possible that in the 1st case shooting with explosive ammo firestorms are almost the worst canons (almost as 60 pounders/admirals) on the other hand using the ice-burning ammo (90) which has only 15 pts more dmg than explosive (75) makes them the most powerfull behind the Doomhammers lvl 4 and comparable with Voodos lvl 4 ? (PvP option 4&6)
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  10. RipoV

    RipoV Forum Greenhorn

    1. Afterburn damages are equal with every cannon, firestorm shoots faster so you do more afterburn damage overall.
    2. Eliteammobonus stays the same no matter what ammo you are using, when you are using high damage ammo the amount that eliteammobonus increases is not so much as %.
    For me, its hard to explain in english but if you add "10" to number "1000" it increases only 1%, but if you add "10" to number "100" it increases 10%.
    (basicly) High base damage = Eliteammobonus does not matter that much.
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  11. A-R-K-Y

    A-R-K-Y Forum Overlooker

    This is because of how the damages are calculated for each cannon. For doom hammers, the majority of the damage being dealt is because it is the damage the cannons have as a bonus, however firestorms the majority of the damage comes from the ammo. Doomhammers fire 17 times in a minute, firestorms fire 29 times.

    Now, as I said a large amount of damage from a Doomhammer is from the bonus it provides. However, that is a set amount and does not change when you change your ammo/gems/etc. 135 Damage for a Level 4 will always be a 135 if you have 100% Hit Prob.

    What this means basically is that when you change from explosive ammo to ice ammo, you only get the benefit of using a stronger ammo 17 times, compared to 29 times of a firestorm. Ice Ammo does 63.75 more damage than explosive ammo, which means that with doomhammers in 1 minute you will get 1083 extra damage, but with firestorms you get 1848 extra damage, per cannon.

    As you can see, the higher damage the ammo, the more benefit you get from using firestorms. The lower the damage of the ammo, the more it benefits Doomhammers.

    With that said, Damage Prevention lowers the amount of damage from ammo, and does not reduce damage from the cannon bonus. As players have a lot of Damage Prevention, it means that currently under normal circumstances (no ammo being double damage on players), even with Ice Ammo (the most damaging ammo), Doomhammers are the best cannon.

    Keeping this nice and simple with easy numbers:

    Doomhammer Level 4:
    Damage = 135
    Reload = 3.42​

    Firestorm Level 4:
    Damage = 14
    Reload = 2.04​

    Pearl Ammo = 75 Damage
    Ice Ammo = 90 Damage + 41.25 Burn Damage (with Poisoners Lab) = 131.25

    Now lets assume that you have 100% Hit Prob and 50% Cannon Damage, the ship you are firing at has 0% Dodge and Damage Prevention. The new values are:
    Pearl Ammo = 75 Damage + 50% Cannon Damage = 112.5
    Ice Ammo = (90 Damage + 50% Cannon Damage) + 41.25 Burn Damage = 176.25

    Pearl Ammo + Dooms:
    Per Shot Per Cannon = 112.5 + 135 = 247.5 (~45.5% of Damage is from the Ammo)
    Per Minute = 247.5 / 3.42 * 60 = 4342​

    Ice Ammo + Dooms:
    Per Shot Per Cannon = 176.25 + 135 = 311.25 (~56.6% of Damage is from the Ammo)
    Per Minute = 311.25 / 3.42 * 60 = 5460​

    Pearl Ammo + Firestorms:
    Per Shot Per Cannon = 112.5 + 14 = 126.5 (~88.9% of Damage is from the Ammo)
    Per Minute = 126.5 / 2.04 * 60 = 3720​

    Ice Ammo + Firestorms:
    Per Shot Per Cannon = 176.25 + 14 = 190.25 (~92.6% of Damage is from the Ammo)
    Per Minute = 190.25 / 2.04 * 60 = 5595​

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  12. Destruction

    Destruction Old Hand

    Really need the Yeah Dog right now but alas, work PC will not allow it :(
  13. Silent_knight

    Silent_knight Forum Greenhorn

    So if they put an event where some ammo makes double DMG on Players (e.g. Scrap /Soccer ammo / Ice-burning / Voodo eruption) you recommend to use firestorms except of Voodos Lvl 1-3 / Doomhammers Lvl 0-3 / Devastator lvl 0 to have better chance to sink an enemy (counting he has full HP/VB), right ?

    Sure, the consumption of ammo will be much higher (+30%-85%) because of the reload speed (2.04 vs 2.64-3.84)

    And on the Event NPC's in case you do not go on Hitpoints ranking (like previously Cassiopeia) or try to take the most DMG (for Global ranking) or do the best time (in Minigame or for the Group map) for the profit using them is pointless (although you win more pearls for more spent ammo), isn't it ?

    Did you take a point of view at this point how much pearls per a shot needed to be clear profit so firestorms would be effective for gain ? (The prize of event ammo can be 60p / 100 ammo) Some comparism or a chart would be usefull too :)
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  14. A-R-K-Y

    A-R-K-Y Forum Overlooker

    Correct, where any ammo does double or more damage, on players or npcs, to do the most damage I would use firestorms.

    You are also correct that for Most Damage on an Event, or to get as much damage as possible Firestorms are best. Of course for profit they reduce the amount of profit per shot, but then also you make more pearls overall.

    I have personally not done any calculations to calculate the amount of profit with each type of cannon, largely because the rewards change each event. Maybe it is something I shall look into though.

  15. CRORijeka20

    CRORijeka20 Advanced

    idid not read all but i see admiral canon are better then 60 canons an best way for big dameg is fire stone canon os is best to mix admiral canons and firestone or doomhamer canon with firestorm but is to expencive to much money
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