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  1. Hello everyone !

    You don't know me very well from the forum, as I will visit here only exceptionally or to see some things, but from the sea know me many players under the nickname BŁΛZON_SVK - GE 1
    It's already approx. a month when some players started using the "auto-target" program and BIGPOINT still hasn't done anything yet.
    I will not write guilds or players and IDs to which this applies from MG 1 = GE1 & GE2 ......

    I wonder when BP will finally start doing something. No answer as they try, etc. There is no answer and I will tell you that this is not the answer for any of us because we have been listening to this for a long time to many things (bugs in the game, unplayability, lag, etc ...)

    I dont have problem buying what I need to keep the ship in top condition.
    It no longer matters whether you have a full ship, whether you have bought the latest packages - cannons, items ...., whether you can fight or not, whether you are weaker or stronger because you can no longer fight and enjoy the game. Whether you are a strong player or a weak player, for players using AUTOTARGET you are & we are all big ZEROS = NOTHING !!


    Therefore BIGPOINT to bann PERMANENT players using the autotarget as soon as possible and thus return the game to normal anyway.
    Until this happens and players using the autotarget do not disappear from the sea or the program is blocked, I SIGNIFICANTLY REJECT further purchases of packages, benefits, etc. in this game !!

    Please note, this is not a threat, other players from GE 1 & GE 2 are joining me

    • We TOP players GE1 & GE2, a long-time player of this game we reached this decision by mutual agreement!
    • GE 1 is one of the oldest & most playable servers ever and I dare say that the turnover from this server is the highest + connection GE 2 also does its thing!
    This post will be created on several language forums of the game Seafight according to the rules of the forum and players of the GE 1 + GE 2 server but also from other servers have the opportunity to join us and stop investing in the game MONEY until the problem is solved!
  2. anyamanó72™

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    Here is two of them...cant event shoot.

    Please send your suspicions to Support.
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  3. k*u*b*e*x

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    No more money...waiting for bann this players or delete whatever how that autotarget or give in game like a update autotarget.
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  4. $69PIRAT69$

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    Hello, i allready stop play this game month ago. Not point to give any pence in this game if they select you with this autotarget.

    main destroyers game is :

    Please send your suspicions to Support.
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  5. Do not add player IDs / player names to prevent the post from being locked! Because then I'll have to recreate it :D

    Well thank you :cool:
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  6. IamTheBos

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    Hopefully something gets done and if they comment on this they will just say everyone is trash player n blabla but in real honest answer is they are trash needing the program to select people n put unstoppable n brothers in arm direct to them self and other player from there guild and ally so for me i am finished with this game until they fix it... :D

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