Black Gunpowder bonus 2, updated

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by minesleeper, May 12, 2022.

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  1. minesleeper

    minesleeper Someday Author

    As my previous post was prematurely closed.
    single admiral with std p ammo
    black powder 153ish
    no black powder 133ish
    no black powder and hailstorm to re-add 10% hit prob 133ish
    dragon powder 153ish
    - still not 25% though
    so bonus is applied to both black powder and dragon powder

    but the bonus may not be applied to the elite ammo bonus when using cannons with elite ammo bonus %

    Note cannon damage is separate to total damage which is affected by cannon type etc

    Please obtain a technical explanation from the devs how it is applied.

    then close.
  2. Swift

    Swift Board Administrator Team Seafight


    Firstly, to answer some questions in the other threads and to clarify; Black Gunpowder Bonus is a different stat than any other, which is why you do not see your "Cannon Damage" stat increase when it is active.

    When do you receive this bonus? You receive this bonus when a gunpowder type item (so Black Gunpowder or Dragon Powder) is activated. When these items are not active, you won't receive this bonus.

    What is it? It is a stat which in effect works the same way as Cannon Damage, but unlike Cannon Damage which is active all the time, this one has a condition (a gunpowder type item being activated). Think of it as similar to other stats such as PvP Damage and PvE Damage which depend on your target type, and Critical Damage which only applies when you Crit.

    All Cannon Damage type stats (so this includes Cannon Damage, Critical Damage, PvP Damage, PvE Damage and Black Gunpowder Bonus) only apply against the base value of an Ammunition; that is the normal Damage value for the ammo (this can be seen in the
    Ammunition bible thread). As an example, Voodoo Doom has 50 Damage and 75 Impact Damage, these bonuses will only provide a bonus to the 50 Damage.

  3. Rymar

    Rymar Board Administrator Team Seafight


    Since there is no further response this thread shall now be closed.


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