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Discussion in 'New Pirate Tutorials' started by Jumbo76, Jun 26, 2020.

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  1. Jumbo76

    Jumbo76 Forum Apprentice

    I have some quick questions if anyone can anwser that would be helpfull.

    First off I have all crown and some of the yulong expansions slots, castle for extra crew 8/8, boarding gem on pet, design, skills 50/50.

    Question 1; Is there anyway to reach 50k boarding without using pearl equipment?

    Question 2; How do I get enough pearl equipment to board event ships without running out so fast and spending pearls on them?
  2. †Mighty_Ghost†

    †Mighty_Ghost† Forum Greenhorn

    The best way to get more boarding value is buying the rowboat expansion. Depending on the level they give more pirate slots. This item is only payment and they are not always available. But they are right now, i would recommend the 39.99€ package. It has 5 lvl5 rowboats in it wich are the highest lvl at the moment. And 5 peaces are enough to achieve 50k boarding value with only gold equipement. And this package also gives some other stuff and acces to the bounty market. I would recomment to take a good look wich package it is. Unfortunately i dont know the translation of its name for u. Hope this helpes.
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  3. blackhawk562

    blackhawk562 Forum Greenhorn

    this is advertised as a free game so how can I achieve 50k boarding without spending money?
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  4. StarLightS

    StarLightS Someday Author

    That would be to use pearl pirates and equipment, it's impossible to get 50k boarding value with gold pirates and equipment without using rowboats and rowboats is only available in payment packages. To get 50k value with pearl you'd need all pirates from castle and extra decks like Jolly roger and more. You'd also need boarding value from skills and the ship gem. I can't guareantee it will be enough to get to 50k value cause it was a while I did it myself but it did work. But if you wanna use pearl pirates and equipment it's gonna cost A LOT of pearls if you're gonna board every npc

    *BLACK-AND-WHITE* Forum Greenhorn

    Its free game , thats true , but without paying you cant reach this value. But the game stil free , nobody force nobody to pay for this , boarding isnt the most important if you get pearls & crowns
  6. blackhawk562

    blackhawk562 Forum Greenhorn

    if game is free you should have access to these items even if they offer them per say in a chest or some other way to be a free game

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