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Discussion in 'Users’ Corner' started by dirks777, Jul 7, 2019.

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  1. dirks777

    dirks777 Active Author

    i have over my years accumulated a fair few hundred bonus maps.i dont want to spend a lot of time too complete these maps
    how about a option,where i/we could pay say 5,000 pearls too complete say a virgo map instantly.other maps say 25% to 50% of the pearls they pay out as a fee to bp.
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  2. Sea-Sea

    Sea-Sea Advanced

    I think that they should put a bonus map autopilot in the payment page, so bonus maps can be done in auto mode as most players don't have time to do bonus maps taking into consideration all the daily quest you have to do to stay competitive. Just to do the "necessary" ones (Crowns, reputation, rift) takes around 3-4 hrs every single day, and if you also want to do the Commonwealth raid map quests to get the needed pearls, it is 2 hrs more on a daily basis, and most people also have a life outside Seafight. I my self have 200+ bonusmap on stock, and the numbers is just increasing steadily.

    The price of a Autopilot could be 5-10 euros for 14 days, and the reward for using autopilot could be 75% of the original reward. i.e. of getting 14 days queen legacy/cancer hull, you would only get 11 days. instead of 60 K pearls for Cancer bonus map, you would only get 45 k pearls etc.

    I am pretty sure that the bonus map auto pilot would generate a decent profit for BP as most players, who already use money on the game, would buy it.
  3. ***štěpánek***

    ***štěpánek*** Forum Greenhorn

    Are you kidding. You can't be serious.
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  4. HMS-dozza

    HMS-dozza Regular

    Is this a level of satire I just can't comprehend or have you guys totally lost it?
  5. Sea-Sea

    Sea-Sea Advanced

    No need for that condescending attitude. Not everybody is using illegal bots to do their bonus maps, although most likely around 75% of the players do? I expected some resistance from a certain type of players (mainly bonus map botters).

    I certainly think that above suggestions could be very nice for non cheaters/honest players (we are still some left), so they got the same advantage as the cheaters/botters in a legal way, and maybe even the cheaters/botters would make use of a legal way to do their bonus maps fast, to lower their risk of being caught in their cowardice.
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  6. IceBull3t

    IceBull3t Forum Apprentice

    I find it funny all this discussion :))) let me break it down to you :))).

    1. Ok , I agree with autopilot for bonus maps or something similar.

    2. C mon guys you want to pay for everything? 10E for 14 days, is this? Everything in this game is for money if you want to fight, I think I can buy a brand new car with the money that I must spend in this game to be able to stay in top for 6 months maybe, as a good ship on water.

    This game is not based on skill a player have, as most of the games out there, it's a card game, and you little kids with money still want to spend more money for nothing.

    Did you saw improvements on this game?
    - after you spent 500-1k E on this game, your ship is full ?
    - this game is working well for you, without lags and bugs?
    - how many ideas got an answer or are implemented in this game from all you guys posted or you read on this forum?

    If not, why do you want more items for money? Give me a good reason , maybe I can understand.
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  7. HMS-dozza

    HMS-dozza Regular

    First of all apologies for the attitude, let me explain why I disagree.

    1. The concept of paying a game maker to play the game for you so that you don't have to is utterly bemusing to me.

    2. As much as this isn't a skill based game, it's certainly a commitment based game. If a player wants the buffs from the maps they do the maps, simple. Don't try to make players that want to put in the time feel like they're being overtaken by lazy people with money, there's enough of that around here already.

    3. The statement this would reduce botters is ludicrous, botters bot because they don't want/can't afford to pay for currency, paying for bonus maps won't suddenly change this.

    Hope this helps
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  8. dirks777

    dirks777 Active Author

    come on be real.i am on about a suggestion for bonus maps,you are going off the topic/idea.being called a little kid in my opinion its over the top,you are the one going on a rant about something completely non suggested in my post.
  9. dirks777

    dirks777 Active Author

    ok let me un bemuse you.1 its a suggestion ..... 2. doing maps is like doing tests some times(they take even longer).there is or was a option to buy the test,so whats the difference.brandishing it as being lazy is point is ... its so boring doing them.playing a game online and not wanting to do a bonus map is not lazy...... 3 let the honest players have a option to buy the completed bonus map.there is a option in the payment section for the deck whats the difference.buffs can be bought in the market for everyone, is that lazy
  10. TEX~BULL

    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    You all want to argue and not develop ideas so I will close

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