BP should be ashamed of itself

Discussion in 'Technical Issues' started by Southern_Comfort, Sep 16, 2020.

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  1. Southern_Comfort

    Southern_Comfort Active Author

    Because of glitches in your system and developers, people lose resources that they can't afford to lose and all you can reply is that your developers are under a "lot of stress" therefore we can't give you back what you lost. What a bunch of horse-crap!!! You people suck!!!
  2. Sephiroth

    Sephiroth Someday Author

    You almost sound like you are forced to play... :D
  3. Southern_Comfort

    Southern_Comfort Active Author

    I walked away four years ago, I can walk away again. I came back to see if shit has changed and it has; only not for the benefit of everyone. I understand this is a business and that I don't have to frequent their business, however, their business model and customer service model sucks. It could be a great game for everyone, but not the way it is structured right now.
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    As there is no question here this thread is closed. Should you wish to make complaints please direct them to the support team. The forum is for specific issues.

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