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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by ~turnip~, Aug 21, 2020.

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  1. ~turnip~

    ~turnip~ Old Hand

    First of all: ss special elite vip I design looks absolutely awesome.

    But I cannot find any background information about it whatsoever.

    So what's the folklore behind this design? when did it first ever appear? if it ever appeared? was it a previously used moderator design? I am very interested about learning about this designs history :p
  2. ☆PANTΣЯ☆

    ☆PANTΣЯ☆ Forum Apprentice

    its a new design
  3. ~turnip~

    ~turnip~ Old Hand

    I think you could be right. I do remember where I've seen it before now though. it was the bloated jaque minion ship that spawned from the soulless admiral boss ship in the armada of the dead event. but yes I think the design is a new release :D
  4. Sephiroth

    Sephiroth Someday Author

    wasnt the vip 1 2 3 meant to be elite level 28 29 & 30 before they scrapped the elite levels? im pretty sure they aren't new designs
  5. DuivelseKippie³

    DuivelseKippie³ Forum Greenhorn

    Can't find this design in the marketplace?
  6. .PаŢяĮ¢Ķ-şŢа®.

    .PаŢяĮ¢Ķ-şŢа®. Forum Apprentice

    The Armada of the Dead Event

    Fat Jacques / Bloated Jacques:
    • Appears to aid the Merciless/the Soulless during your battles with the Admiral
    • Shootable with Gold and Elite Ammo
    • After inflicting a certain small amount of damage, every player will get the “Unstoppable“ item
  7. Rymar

    Rymar Board Administrator Team Seafight


    DuivelseKippie³ we were able to purchase these designs when Bucanners Bounty Market was on.

    As Bucanners Bounty Market is over and theres no further questions from OP this thread shall be closed.


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