Cabin boys??

Discussion in 'Help' started by AK745, Feb 6, 2020.

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  1. AK745

    AK745 Forum Apprentice

    2 questions

    1st: Why are they broken??? at first I was surprised that I didn't have any on my ship, then I buy 30x of them and when I look to see what they are currently giving me because I read somewhere it was altered some time ago so wanted to look at the values. They are all gone... just gone... log shows me buying but then nothing... and even if they didn't go away am curious as to what they supposedly give because hovering/clicking them in shop told me 0% about what they do...

    2nd issue: What is the current max repair speed / value, like repair per sec or tick or whatever you wanna use as measurement, how do I get it, and why isn't it listed among the "Max Values" in the forum like everything else is ? :)
  2. MiniMeanie

    MiniMeanie Advanced

    For your first point, go back into the shop, click on the picture of the cabin boys and it will show if you have them in stock. As far as I can tell mine are working.
    Your second point, I have level 4 priest, and click 15k per 8 seconds (roughly)
  3. AK745

    AK745 Forum Apprentice

    First point, yes I found them there but I still don't see the "values" of it.

    2nd I didn't mean the VP I mean HP repairment and yes I can see the repairman lvl5 healing me 2400 but nothing else not during which time it does 2400 or how big or small other buffs improve it.

    Also I feel like the total % increase you have should be listed in the ship overview like cannonloading speed etc

    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    1st point: The Cabin Boys grant the following:
    Cabin boys are stronger than their size suggests. These boys will largely improve your survivability in battle and will help you to destroy your enemies!

    This crew member is only on your ship for a limited amount of time.

    -1.5s Harpoon Reload
    +25 Weapon Slots
    +3 Cannon Range
    +1,000 HP Repair Value

    2nd point: Please rephrase that as we are unsure what you are asking or trying to say

    3rd point: Feel free to suggest that in the
    Ideas & Suggestion Section and your idea will be forwarded to the appropriate team.

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  5. AK745

    AK745 Forum Apprentice


    I just want to know my HITPOINTS repair speed. How quickly do i repair, i dont know if the devs measure it in HP / second or whatever measurement they have but i want to know what the maximum is and what is required for it just like Everything else in "Max Values" have listed
  6. LogoRhea

    LogoRhea Someday Author

    Hi, because Seafight will not tell you what your Hitpoint repaid speed is because it depends on many aspects of your ship; best for you is to take a stopwatch and measure an average repair speed on a fixed range of 100k or 200k HP. Ideally you should measure this before your buy the repairman, then afterwards so that your can understand the benefit.
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    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    As your fellow pirate explained there are too many variables for us to figure out how quickly you repair. LogoRhea has suggested a viable solution for you.

    As player has not responded:


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