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Discussion in 'Help' started by ‡Fea®Łess‡=❶=, Apr 16, 2019.

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  1. ‡Fea®Łess‡=❶=

    ‡Fea®Łess‡=❶= Someday Author

    Hello seafight crew,

    I noticed that damage inflicted from most of players cannon can reach up to 100,000 and sometimes more per shot. Is that possible??? while my damage only 30,000 per shot with 274 voodoo cannons. anything i miss about the update in this game? Any advice would really appreciate... thanks

    I haven't play this game quite sometimes maybe since 2015. :D

    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    Yes it is completely possible to do 100k or more damage per shot. Here is a link for maximum damage values:

    Maximum damage

    Also you have a little over half the maximum cannons that you could equip on you boat. Here is the link for that:

    Maximum weapons slots

    Also there are cannons that give better buffs than voodoo cannons. Here is a link to all elite cannons:


    If you read through those and still have questions please feel free to come back and we will be happy to assist you further.

  3. AK745

    AK745 Forum Apprentice

    first of all add more cannons, ive played for little over a month and at one point i reached 441 cannons on my boat while currently having 416 its still obvious that your main problem is the number of cannons you have equipped, after that then you need to start upgrading and getting newer and better cannons like pains, devs, dooms etc
  4. ‡Fea®Łess‡=❶=

    ‡Fea®Łess‡=❶= Someday Author

    I saw to upgrade beside using pearls, it also require new currencies called "crowns". where can i get them?
    and 1 more thing, i see that cabin boys and commonwealth sellsword provide more slot for weapon. are they permanent if i bought them or has specific duration to stay on boat?
  5. Swift

    Swift User


    Crowns are most commonly found in the Commonwealth Region (Level 21 to 30 Maps), as Crowns are the currency of the Commonwealth. They can be gained through Quests and NPC's.

    Of course, there are other ways you can get Crowns; the VCM Bloodfang and VCM Blizzard NPC's in the 11 - 20 maps provide a small amount of Crowns when you successfully board them. Crowns can be gained in the Aries Scroll, which can be purchased in the payment area during certain times. Finally, Crowns are commonly found in Payment Packages that are available for a limit amount of time.

    Both the Commonwealth Officers and Cabin Boys are not permanent, and they shall expire when their duration has ended.

  6. ‡Fea®Łess‡=❶=

    ‡Fea®Łess‡=❶= Someday Author

    Ok thanks, u may closed this thread

    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    Per the OP's request:

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