can't log on water

Discussion in 'Help' started by mums-mums, Aug 15, 2018.

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  1. mums-mums

    mums-mums Forum Greenhorn

    it stops loading at 55%
    is it just me or is it a known issue
    i tried with 3 different browsers

  2. bodean

    bodean Regular

    same problem here to to get on global europe 2. not just u m8.
  3. _RATTY_.

    _RATTY_. Exceptional Talent

    ya game is broke ... loading up 2 55% then it gets stuck !
  4. joke(CRO)

    joke(CRO) Forum Greenhorn

    same here...
  5. Undead

    Undead Forum Apprentice

    MORE events more lag
  6. BlindBullet

    BlindBullet Forum Apprentice

    pff 2 hours of refreshing the seachart page for ending up at 55% always !
    ty bp for wasting my time!
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    .HMSILLUSTRIOUS. Forum Greenhorn

    Same happening here
  8. KIBIRA$

    KIBIRA$ Forum Apprentice

    like always
  9. buppingfish

    buppingfish Forum Apprentice

    This is a joke , sort it out.
  10. LittleHammer96*

    LittleHammer96* Forum Greenhorn

    incredible loading up 2 55% then it gets stuck !
  11. babe-newport

    babe-newport Forum Greenhorn

    indeed it will not load beyond 55% however im chilled i got max cabin boys and max flares with crowns they will eventually fix the problem valuable game time lost but ay chill pill
  12. mums-mums

    mums-mums Forum Greenhorn

    it seems like they fixed it now,but i got no time to play at this time!!
    i was looking forward to get some pearls but that didn't happen thx..
  13. Swift

    Swift User


    We apologise for the game being unavailable during these times. Thank you everyone for your reports, our team has looked into the issue and this should now be resolved.

    If anyone is still unable to get onto the Seachart, please try
    Clearing the Browser Cache, and then if you still have a problem reply back to this thread with your Server and ID.

  14. Swift

    Swift User


    As this has now been resolved and there have been no further issues, this thread shall now be closed.

    Happy Sailing Pirates!

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