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Discussion in 'New Pirate Tutorials' started by Pahlsen, Oct 29, 2020.

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  1. Pahlsen

    Pahlsen Forum Apprentice

    Hello everyone. I've always loved Seafight. I played it when I was a little kid, but I never really understood the game but I enjoyed it anyways. I got this account I've been logging in from time to time only to use voucher codes. Now I'm considerne to start playing and learn the game and spend some money on it to progress faster, but I got some questions first.

    - What should I spend my € on? Cannons and pearls?

    - Is the game hard to learn. Right now it seems so confusing to me. There are so many things I don't know what is.

    - I'm on the scandinavian server. Is it a dead server or should I change to a new one?

    - I think I heard once that I can get free cannons somehow but how?

    All help is appreciated as I'm kinda lost right now.

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  2. ßOMßER

    ßOMßER Someday Author

    - What should I spend my € on? Cannons and pearls?

    Honestly, anything but seafight. This game is very expensive if you don't wanna get continuously sunk. Like over a grand
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  3. Pahlsen

    Pahlsen Forum Apprentice

    I don't mind spending € on games I like, but I would spend them over a long time and save up for it :)
  4. london~loon

    london~loon Forum Apprentice

    You can get millions of pearls very easy now. Buy beams and cannons. Also you can get free cannons by completing season tasks. Anyway if mods dont upgrade seafight and make it a better game i recommend NOT to spend money in here
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  5. Pahlsen

    Pahlsen Forum Apprentice

    How do I get free pearls? Which cannons should I focus on? I will properly be doing mostly PvM but a little PvP from time to time. Right now I can get 60 or 120 level 5 Devastator Cannons + 6,5 or 13k crystals, 12,5 or 25k crowns + some other stuff for 30 or 60€ Are they bad cannons and is the pack worth buying?
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  6. Pahlsen

    Pahlsen Forum Apprentice

    But yeah i totally agree with you. I have been hoping for so long they will make Seafight better. That graphic is so old and bad.
  7. Ryste

    Ryste Forum Apprentice

    What's your in-game name? I'm playing on the same server in a small (not very frightning) guild.
  8. Pahlsen

    Pahlsen Forum Apprentice

    My name is Pahl :)
  9. london~loon

    london~loon Forum Apprentice

    No dont buy devs. Buy worldbreakers, beams and put money in the cauldron of saba to have a chance to win some good canons and gems from the ships
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  10. A-Non-No-Myous

    A-Non-No-Myous Forum Greenhorn

    God bless you and your bank account. Lol welcome back to the money hole
  11. SSG_GOKU

    SSG_GOKU Forum Greenhorn

    Hello all. Something i have learned is if you go to the ships and pets and look for Corsairs Commerce that is what any player should get for there ship as a start. i also believe that this item can be bought twice.

    This Includes the following:

    - 100 Lvl 2 firestorm cannons
    - 5 Emperor's Booty Bags
    - 1000000 Confetti Ammo
    - 1000000 Pearls
    - 150000 Crystals
    - 5 Beastmaster's Booty Bags
    - 100 Level 2 Doomhammers
    - 30x's Voodoo Priest lvl 4
    - 30x's Lvl 5 Carpenter
    - 1 Burning Dutchman

    All of this is $49.99 and a great starter pack for any ship. For any old school player who has been around a while or maybe coming back to the game would remember the best thing about this design. Every thing that you shoot is actually fire balls with this design. Great throw back and honestly you cant get this design any where else to my knowledge.

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