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Discussion in 'Guilds' started by Soldier_of_F4W, May 6, 2021.

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  1. Soldier_of_F4W

    Soldier_of_F4W Forum Greenhorn

    Sup lads! Long time no see!

    I want to get in touch with the leader of Stomping and Sinking ! Im an old STS member who played this game 11 years ago !

    Name Jamie :)

    Can someone get me in touch with Stunter636 ?
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  2. LustySerpant

    LustySerpant Forum Apprentice

    whoa! thats who i be looking for too! i miss stunter as well but no one knows of him, hey STS hook me up too!
  3. IamTheBos

    IamTheBos Someday Author

    search English or American chat for murph or Boss or Cobra
  4. IamTheBos

    IamTheBos Someday Author

    search English or American chat for Murph or Boss or Cobra
  5. phatty-Boastrike

    phatty-Boastrike Forum Apprentice

    Aaarrggghhhh! ahoy mateys! i too would like to find the STS clan, and the 4SD clowns. SeaOfDeath, GLOCK, kyleluvsmoney....
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  6. IamTheBos

    IamTheBos Someday Author

    ^^ would be if you guys online search for the players i said above maybe they can help
  7. Soldier_of_F4W

    Soldier_of_F4W Forum Greenhorn

    Hello ! I made a new account, but I cannot use the chat for some reason. Everything's changed lol :D
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  8. BuddyLove

    BuddyLove Forum Apprentice

    You guys still searching STS ....?
  9. murph2008

    murph2008 Forum Apprentice

    StS is active on global, the names mentioned above I don't believe play anymore. You can contact *murph*, Boss or Cobra if you are interested in coming back and playing in StS. If you wish to apply you will be required to use teamspeak 3
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  10. you will find murph that cobra comes on in english server every now and again

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