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    Have some extra items you want to make use of? Using the crafting system you'll be able to uncraft some items you no longer use, gain materials and craft items you'll want to use!

    Opening the Crafting window:

    The Crafting window can be found by clicking the Ship Overview icon and then selecting Crafting from the drop-down menu.

    You will then be presented with the default page, Crafting Workshop, an example of which can be seen below.

    You can also switch to the Reclamation Station by clicking the "Reclamation Station" tab at the top of the Crafting window.


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    Crafting Workshop

    Within the Crafting Workshop you have the ability to take various items and craft them into better items - should you have the recipe and all the necessary ingredients!

    On the left hand side of the Crafting Workshop you will be able to see a list of different recipes under the "Recipe Overview" heading. The items shown in this list are the items that you can create by crafting.

    You also have the ability to search for a Crafting Recipe by typing the name of the item you would wish to craft into the search box towards the top left.

    If no items are shown in the Recipe Overview, then the term you searched for does not match a recipe that is available. However, if items do match the search term, these will be displayed in the Recipe Overview, as shown below.

    Once you have selected an item you wish to craft, in the middle column, with the "Item Details" heading, you will be able to view information about the Craft.

    The first section of text we see is "Stock", the value to the right of this shows the amount on your account of the item you have selected to craft.

    Below this we have the "Materials Needed" section; this section shows you information about the materials, or items, that you need in order to perform the craft.

    As can be seen below, the first bit of information we notice is a picture of the item(s) we need. To the right of that we have the items name, and below that we have a couple of numbers.

    The number to the left side of the / symbol represents how many of this item you currently have on your account, and the number on the right shows how many is needed to complete the crafting.

    If you do not have enough items to complete the Craft, these numbers will be displayed in red, the images will be grey, and you will be unable to complete the Craft.

    On the right hand side of the Crafting Workshop you will see the "Outcome" section.

    At the bottom of the Outcome section you will see an area where you can type a number, followed by a minus and a plus button.

    Either type the number, or use the plus and minus buttons to change the number, to the number of times you would like to Craft the item.

    Once there is 1 or more for the amount of times you would like to Craft the item, above you will see the amount of items you will receive.

    Ensure you check the amount of items you will use in the Craft and the amount of items you will receive, should you be happy with the Craft, simply press the "Create" button in the bottom right.

    You will then be able to see the items you have gained in your logbook and in the in-game notifications section.


    Minimum Level Requirement:

    To be able to Craft some items, you are required to be at minimum a certain level.

    55 Pounder

    55 Pounder Level 1 = Level 4+

    55 Pounder Level 2 = Level 5+

    55 Pounder Level 3 = Level 6+

    55 Pounder Level 4 = Level 7+

    55 Pounder Level 5 = Level 8+
    60 Pounder

    60 Pounder Level 0 = Level 10+

    60 Pounder Level 1 = Level 11+

    60 Pounder Level 2 = Level 13+

    60 Pounder Level 3 = Level 15+

    60 Pounder Level 4 = Level 17+

    60 Pounder Level 5 = Level 19+
    Voodoo Cannon

    Voodoo Cannon Level 0 = Level 1+

    Voodoo Cannon Level 1 = Level 1+

    Voodoo Cannon Level 2 = Level 1+

    Voodoo Cannon Level 3 = Level 1+

    Voodoo Cannon Level 4 = Level 1+

    Voodoo Cannon Level 5 = Level 1+
    Admiral Cannon

    Admiral Cannon = Level 1+
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    Reclamation Station

    The Reclamation Station is similar to the Crafting Workshop, however, instead of using items to Craft items, in here you will uncraft items and gain materials!

    The default window of the Reclamation Station is very similar to the Crafting Workshop, as shown below:

    In the Recipe Overview section, instead of it being the item you would receive as with the Crafting Workshop, this time you are selecting the item you wish to uncraft!

    Note: This is the item you will lose, but you will gain other items and/or materials.

    In the Item Details section, the Stock will be displayed. This is the amount of the item you will be uncrafting that you have on your boat.

    Below this, you will be able to see a small overview of the possible materials you will be able to acquire.

    The number towards the top right of this section, highlighted in red in the image below, shows how many of the items you will receive when you uncraft an item.

    Please be aware that this number shows the total amount of items you will receive between all items listed below the number.

    As an example, if the number was 6 and you have two items below, it is possible to receive 3 of each item, or you could receive 0 of one and 6 of the other. The amount of each item you receive depends on the chance.

    The items of which you will receive are listed below the number, you will be able to see the items picture and name, as well as the chance of receiving this item.

    Medium Chance means you are more likely to receive the item than an item with Low Chance, High Chance is even more likely to receive than a Low Chance and more likely to be received than a item with Medium Chance.

    Should all items have the same chance, then it will be completely random as to which items you receive.

    Similarly to the Crafting Workshop, you can select how many of the items you would like to uncraft.

    This can be done by simply changing the number on the right-hand side of the window by typing in the number, or using the plus and minus buttons within the area highlighted below.

    Once the "Create" button has been pressed, the item you have selected will be uncrafted and you will receive items from the possible materials list.

    You can see the image and amount of the items you received in the "Outcome" section of the Crafting window.

    Hovering your mouse over the image will display the name of the item you have received.

    You will also be able to see what you have received and the amount in the in-game notifications section.


    Uncrafting Material Scenarios:

    You may encounter situations like the following three images when uncrafting items.

    In this first image, you can see there is a potential of three different items in the "Possible Materials" column.

    However, you are not guaranteed to receive one of each item, you may not receive any of some of the items.

    In the following image in the highlighted section you can see the number, representing the amount of items you receive is listed as "0 - 1" this means that you can receive either 0 or 1 of the items listed below.

    Another example would be "1 - 5", in this situation you would receive a random total amount between 1 and 5 for the items listed below it.

    In this final scenario, you can see there is two sections within the Possible Materials column.

    Each box acts independently of each other, each section will act as previously described.

    In the example below, the first box contains two items, and the second box contains one item.

    The first box has a number of 15, meaning you will receive 15 items from the first box, which items depending on chance.

    The second box has a number of 1, meaning you will receive 1 item from the second box, however as there is only one type of item this item is guaranteed.

    Please note that the images shown within this thread are for an example purpose only; the recipes, amounts and items may be different than what is available in-game.
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