Crowns for Low levels.

Discussion in 'Idea Pool & Suggestions' started by WOOODY, Sep 20, 2020.

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Crowns option for low levels?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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    WOOODY Forum Greenhorn

    Hello Everyone,

    I am a returning player of 12 years. I have been back a week and upon rearriving i have been very pleased with the steps that Seafight have taken that has made the game more balanced.

    Although i can see a significant flaw for low levels and that simply is the lack of crowns. I came back with 36mill exp but only level 11 i am that level because at the time it was beneficial to farm low levels as you were left alone and the main source of pearls was glitters.

    Although with todays meta farming NPCS seems to be a lot more beneficial, And one of the biggest changes is any NPC that is worth shooting has Dodge built in. What this means is that low levels like myself have only around 80-90% aim probability without "sell swords" that soon becomes 40-50% when shooting these NPCs.

    Ill Break it down for you as a returning player i had around 220 cannons on my ship. and quickly made enough gold to get 220 admiral cannons. (Baring in mind I had my previous knowledge of the game as well as still had skills and castle slots like Level 6 cannon reloaded.)
    I soon after brought a pack that gave me Ship gems, pet Gems, 150k Crystals, 200 decent cannons and 1m Pearls.

    I instantly went from shooting 2-3k with hollows to around 5k with around 90% hit probability. I then found out that i can increase my cannons and hit probability with sell swords although being level 11 the only way i could get any crowns would be to sink VCM Blizzards.

    VCM Blizzard

    Hitpoints: 600,000.
    Boarding Value: 10,000.

    Reward for Boarding:
    15 Crowns.

    Reward for Destroying (Damage Share):
    1,200,000 Gold.
    2,500 Experience Points.

    Map Locations: 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15.

    I can tell you as a weak player trying to sink these were nearly impossible they were at least double my speed shooting for around 60k. And I am guessing they have around 30-40% dodge because when I shot I was hitting around 2-3k

    It became obvious that in order to sink these you would first need common wealth officers. but in order to get them in the first place you would have to sink them. Quite literally stuck in an endless loop.

    I went for the quick fix and brought a pack that contained crowns but this is a short term fix as now in a race to get to level 21 before i run out of crowns to keep my hit rate up.

    This is a real problem for low level returning players or new players as it is likely most players wont want to pay cash upon starting or returning to a game, Thus they will leave and the player base will only get shorter till the game dies.

    How to fix this?

    To me it makes sense to implement Common Wealth level 0 Officers that are permeant and cost 10k pearls or so just like we have with Voodoo priests and carpenters. For example Level 0 sell swords gives 30% aim probability and 20 cannon slots. this would solve the issue of players to get from level 11-21

    I also think there should be a system that allows a fair way for players to get a consistent amount of crowns being under level 11. Like treasure wrecks that can be found in the bonus map squids in on the skills bar which is a monster you can shoot with harps that allows around 7 crowns per kill. This would also make the grind to kill 1k monsters in the lower maps better for higher levels that get no benefit from the current rewards.
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  2. Oskar

    Oskar Forum Apprentice

    You don't need crowns to get to lvl 21.

    WOOODY Forum Greenhorn

    Can you explain what you mean?

    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    Thank you for the suggestion. We will forward i to to the appropriate team.

  5. *Goldenglory*

    *Goldenglory* Forum Greenhorn

    I did lvl 1 to 21 in 4 days, u dont need crowns to get to level 20, u can do it fairly easy, for sure if u have some talents / castles fro mwhen u used to play

    WOOODY Forum Greenhorn

    If you did level 1 to 21 in 4 days without any sell swords or help I am very impressed and wondering how? And I am not saying it is impossible I am saying there can easily be something implemented to help battle this Huge obstacle. It is so inconvenience that I know for a fact will 100% really question new and returning players is it worth trying to push onwards as I questioned it myself. I know that if I didn't have skills and castle slots already I wouldn't of bothered.
  7. robodol1.

    robodol1. Padavan

    You could do lvl 1 to 20 in under a day. Stop complaining start leveling. U don't need huge hits to get to lvl 21 . All quest until lvl 21 are super easy. After level 21 it starts getting hard and expensive..
  8. Satan_Himself

    Satan_Himself Forum Baron

  9. ☜☠☞_AFNAN_☜☠☞

    ☜☠☞_AFNAN_☜☠☞ Forum Greenhorn

    after i saw this thread i leveled up from lvl 15 to 20 in just 4 hours and im abaout to lvl up to 21 tonight but the idea i got is that crowns are mostly easy earned in event for 1 day (yesterday) i made roughtly 100k from thw event group map.
  10. rubenrs

    rubenrs Active Author

    yes the crown output of the seavenger group map was very good, and the 5x painbringer lvl 3 for top 1-5 in daily group map rankings were insane too.
    Most events don't give that much crowns though. Daily crown quests are usually the best option.

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