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  1. .DaNiEl™.

    .DaNiEl™. Forum Greenhorn

    Hi i am Daniel I've been sailing with the ŴǺЯ tag for a very long time on the UK server
    with VIP and later SFT most ppl will know me for my singing and getting banned by mods haha
    Let's see if anyone remembers me
  2. Banshee.

    Banshee. Old Hand

    Hello, Pirate!

    It's nice to meet you. :)
  3. English~Rose

    English~Rose Forum Greenhorn

    Are SFT still going? Wow! X
  4. ICantPoo

    ICantPoo Someday Author

    Sadly SFT isnt the old name AKa SFT Papri -

    Regards R4W - Blackpearl21

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