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  1. daydreamerr

    daydreamerr Someday Author

    Hello I am just your average pirate you know 6 yr Im what you would call in the middle class in the real world in the ranks of the game, just cool laid back really into life more than game so just come on to pratice my thinking creative mindset and typing skills by frequently posted ideas on how BP sea fight developer team should consider when developing each end and start of year updates.

    I sail by the username of Jùйiøя¤Ŧђє

    I use to sail by the username LT.COOLEY I am an american but for some reason on all online games I only prefer to play UK GB1 ENG1 servers only lol but yeah Im 7 years into the game sitting eventually will be a 8 year sailor.

    I enjoyed sailing with F-P ARG for most of my years but I did come a long way from 30 pounders just hitting 100 in 2 maps back when Pve existed in these waters, best thing to do as a new noob pirate in those days was get full gold cannons some gold sails and sail into 2-4 looking for a ship your size to combat with.

    But must give special thanks to BTD And some of ( T-P Alliance) who helped me get from low low levels to in the area of 7 maps and 8 maps were I spent the longest besides me stopping at level 15 because not efficiently equipped enough to handle big raid so will not make pearls except for these new very very very very very very bad scrolls also s/o to my m8 PRINCE CORUM of eng1 server best leader I ever been with during my highly active days as a sailor. LADY KATE doesn't remember me much but she did help me when they owned 7-4 I became lvl 8 with her as I said I was level 7 for a very long time period.

    Buts thats all for those who dont know me Im eng 1 server from the beginning and to the end I still need clarification on did all these servers merge or not ebcause come back after 3 years everything's flipped currently sail with DOA


  2. daydreamerr

    daydreamerr Someday Author

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