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    Design Favourites Menu
    The Design Favourites Menu allows you to place your most used designs in their own little menu. This in turn makes it easier to select and change to your important designs in as less time as possible!
    The main benefit of the Favourites Menu is being able to change your ship design in just one click, without the need of opening a different window, searching through all your designs and then switching!

    Note: You must not be moving, not be getting damaged and not firing in order to change your design.

    Another benefit of the menu is the ability to change your currently selected preset! At the bottom of the favourites menu, there is some text with a drop down button. Simply clicking the button and then selecting your new preset will change your preset.


    Note: You must not be getting damaged or firing in order to change your preset.

    Other small advantages of the favourites window includes being able to see which gems are equipped on your favourite ships, and the ability to remove a design from your favourites by clicking the gold star next to the design.

    Add Designs to your Favourites:

    To add a Design to your Favourites, you first need to open the Ship Overview. This can be done by clicking on the Ship icon at the top of your screen, as shown in the picture below:

    On the page which opens, under the "Design" heading, clicking the green button labelled "Switch designs" will show you a list of all your designs with equipped gems.


    Simply scroll through your list of designs until you find the ship you would like to add, then click the star icon to the right of the design to add it to your Design Favourites!

    Open the Favourites Menu:

    Once a design has been added to the favourites, you can then open the Design Favourites Menu. In the top left of the Ship Overview window, you will find a button with a star inside, clicking this will then open the Design Favourites Menu.



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