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  1. Destruction

    Destruction Old Hand

    Dear everybody,

    I would like to introduce myself to this forum. I have always lurked around in this section looking at other player’s introductions, and due to my increased activity in the forums over the last few months I felt it was high time I introduced myself properly to the community.
    On the game, I go by the name Destruction, Des, or Sקλwи. I am 21 years old and I work in Commercial Banking for a large UK Bank.

    I started playing Seafight back in 2008. At this point I was 12 years old and relatively unknown on my server. I joined the guild [633] when I began the game, under the reign of @Shiverin~Wreck who many of you may know in this forum as a Game Admin, who unfortunately does not play this game anymore. I was not here for long due to some disputes with another Guild Member, and moved my way into [AOW] which was lead by LuckyCharms. After a year or so, this guild merged with our other 2 alliance guilds [BRN] and [FST] and become [FOW] which I class as my original guild as it was where I was when I really started to progress. I was here for around 2 years until 2011 and in that time myself, and the guild, started to make a name for ourselves. One of our proudest moments was being a little-known guild and fighting the largest guild the UK server has seen, [300], on the Halloween event 2010 and 15v30 sinking them all from an event ship. This was promptly followed by their guild leader coming to our TeamSpeak Server and inviting us to join their alliance, which we then agreed to.

    Shortly after this I took a small break from the game for around a year and re-joined into [RN2] where the other [FOW] had merged with in my absence. I stayed here in our main alliance with [ЯÈÐ] - ЯaPiÐ ÈlItÈ ÐÈpLoYmÈnT, for around 6 months before then deciding to join into [ЯÈÐ], who were more active fighters in the alliance which I personally preferred. I stayed in [ЯÈÐ] for a further 2 years, had a lot of friends and enjoyed myself greatly, although the guild slowly started to crumble due to conflicts between the leader and how many players were treated, or spoken about when they were not around, but players not wanting to leave due to the monopoly that the [ЯÈÐ] alliance had over the server at the time.

    In December 2014, many players from the USA East server joined the UK and sided with the enemy alliance. This was great because it brought around a lot of fighting again. I class myself as a friendly player in terms of my attitude to players, always happy to talk to anybody regardless of their allegiance in the game. I wanted to meet these new players and so I started spending more time on their TeamSpeak and become friends with @A-R-K-Y (who will probably comment to this saying “I’m not your friend” when really he loves me), who was all shy and refused to use a microphone at the time ;), Rich219 and @DIAL-911.

    My guild leader in [ЯÈÐ], frankthetank1974, did not like me speaking to enemies and so after some conflict I decided that [ЯÈÐ] was not the guild for me. Speaking to these new players made me see a more relaxed side to the game, joking around and less serious, treating it more like a game than a commitment. In [ЯÈÐ] I was much younger than the majority of the players and often did not see eye-to-eye with them, whereas I found Rich and @A-R-K-Y relatable and enjoyed joking around with them and so for the only time ever on this game, I left one alliance and joined the opponents, [!ϴ!], !OblivioN! where @A-R-K-Y was the leader. This is where I made my real name on the server. Fighting all day alongside these guild members who were better fighters than anybody I had fought before, causing me to originally think they were cheating when I was at war with them. They said to me that they liked to fight me when I was in [ЯÈÐ] because I actually knew what I was doing, which was quite a compliment for me at the time.

    Over the course of the next year, [!ϴ!] grew to be a much larger guild and eventually managed to bring around the fall of [RED]. Many players from [RED] had left due to the conflicts within the guild that increased as the guild was put under more and more offensive pressure, and the players were no longer scared that they would have nowhere to go and have to live in scrolls. Little by litter we grew and RED was left with just a handful of members. It was around this time that [!ϴ!] had then dominated the server, taken all the enemy islands and distributed them to smaller guilds that needed them, and with that the server began to become quieter again.

    This continued through until the Server Merge in September 2015. We initially started the server merge alongside [›†‹], Todesengel, a Germany 4 Server Guild ran by Elitefighter, and infamously know amongst the community for NATOTAN and the Island Ships (What a great band name…). Initially the Mega Server was a lot of fun with some huge battles but as we took all the islands with ›†‹, where [!ϴ!] would fight the enemies and [›†‹] took the islands it was not long until the server became quiet yet again. At this point, the USA Mega Server began and @A-R-K-Y and Rich219 started to play back over there again along with some other Americans in !ϴ! that had come from US East server, such as MAMMOTH^JACK, *Snipes* and DUEY. The guild they run there is [185] One-Eighty-Five, who’s name comes from the maximum number of cannons available at the time of its creation.

    During this time, as they became less active, I then became [!ϴ!] Leader, and stayed in this position for around a year officially despite running the majority of the guild in @A-R-K-Y’s breaks from the game. We decided during this time that we no longer wanted to stay in an alliance with [›†‹] for 2 main reasons.
    • There was no longer any fun on the server as we controlled everything.
    • We did not agree with how [›†‹] used a program with 70 boats controlled together to take islands
    These 2 reasons combined killed off the server and we went in 6 months from having less active alliance members than the enemies to having almost double their force, all due to their players leaving the game.

    At this point, December 2016, the war began and we promptly formed the UK [185] Guild, which was, and still is, run by @A-R-K-Y and MAMMOTH^JACK. Due to the pressure of my position in [!ϴ!], having very little time to play the game as I was ever fixing problems, I agreed that I did not want an authority role in 185, however it slowly crept back to me partly, although I do still try to palm off any guild decisions, just fixing some problems with @A-R-K-Y is offline.

    We took every island from [›†‹] in 2 days as we lead the charge in the rebellion on them, motivating the server to join the force. This continued for a few weeks of us taking back 10+ islands a day that were lost to the Island Ships of T until they finally reclaimed the islands. Our videos and reports of the Island Ships were part of the incentive behind the Fleet System being brought to all islands, as a way to balance the server.

    In April 2017, we merged with a close German guild of ours, [MEX], who joined into 185.
    I still stand with 185 as step-in council, as well as Alliance Stack Commander.

    Additionally to this, I have run a YouTube Channel, Seafight Destruction, for 4 years from RED to the current day. I do not make videos as much now but with my new PC turning up this week I would hope that I am more active to the YouTube Community.

    My Claims To Fame on Seafight:
    • Guild Leader / Alliance Leader / Stack Commander of [!ϴ!] - !OblivioN! – The biggest UK Server Guild (now 185).
    • 185 Council and Stack Commander for the UK Server
    • The first player to Level 21 on Mega Server 6
    • The second player to Level 26 on Mega Server 6, to the one player who managed to sink 5 Keel Haulers on Day 1… Respect!
    • Unique Skins: Heart of Carnage, Celestial Guardian, Harbinger of Nightmares, Slade, Marant.
    • Bokors Designs: Hastorus, Accipiter, Sobo, Upanga, Clermiel, Aggasou, Groot, Gilded Wolf, Snow White, Frog Prince, Hansel & Gretel

      I hope you have not been sent to sleep with this, but I thought it was high time to finally make a formal biography on the Forum.
    Kind Regards,
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  2. Ɗяєɗɗєɗ

    Ɗяєɗɗєɗ Padavan

    Nice to meet Des :p
  3. Destruction

    Destruction Old Hand

    <3 Blitzy Baby <3
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  4. A-R-K-Y

    A-R-K-Y Forum Overlooker

    Could you possibly tag me any more times? ;) Maybe I should edit my post and just add a line "for my UK story, simply read Destructions post which can be found: HERE (Link)" :D
    Correct, we are not friends. I did use the microphone, just did not want to talk to you.
    Needed to make up something nice to say about you... we couldnt just tell the truth and say you were one of the easiest [RED] we sank... ;)
    Do not let him fool you guys, the real reason is he was a terrible leader who messed up !O! :p
    You were 3rd, I was 2nd - turned it in about 10 seconds before you remember, i was beating you on the Quests then you managed to get the Rogue Gull from the HRMA Revenge 1st time and it took me 6 attempts :'(
    Only you would list Unique and Bokor Skins as your "Claim to Fame" hahah ;)

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  5. A-R-K-Y

    A-R-K-Y Forum Overlooker

    I think everyone can see from your post that you dont hate me ;)

    Oh... how long did it take you to reach level 30? I was 2nd on our server, and took 30/1 - 12x Level 5 Towers alone! ;)

  6. CharlesVaneee

    CharlesVaneee Active Author

    Hello @Destruction nice to know a bit of history about RED & !O!.
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  7. Destruction

    Destruction Old Hand

    @*CheekyChuffa* DO YOU SEE THIS!? :O
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  8. *CheekyChuffa*

    *CheekyChuffa* Forum Apprentice

    :O arky you lying toad rag lol
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  9. A-R-K-Y

    A-R-K-Y Forum Overlooker

    Okay okay, you helped with half a tower, then ran out of windstorms and watched me do the rest.

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  10. *CheekyChuffa*

    *CheekyChuffa* Forum Apprentice

  11. frankthetank1974

    frankthetank1974 Board Analyst

    30.1 was BAM`S FIRST XXX:rolleyes:
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  12. A-R-K-Y

    A-R-K-Y Forum Overlooker

    Wrong, 30/1 was [<|>] rabentod1's (a Bigpoint Employee). I took all 12 Level 5 Towers from him.

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  13. frankthetank1974

    frankthetank1974 Board Analyst

    wrong ask rabentod1 who took it xxx:rolleyes:
  14. Destruction

    Destruction Old Hand

    Viper took it....
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2019
  15. frankthetank1974

    frankthetank1974 Board Analyst

    wrong as ever but that's the 185 way ...
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  16. A-R-K-Y

    A-R-K-Y Forum Overlooker

    2017-02-24 01:39:16 You destroyed a Tower Level 5 tower from guild <|>
    2017-02-24 00:25:59 You destroyed a Tower Level 5 tower from guild <|>
    2017-02-23 23:12:44 You destroyed a Tower Level 5 tower from guild <|>
    2017-02-23 22:04:26 You destroyed a Tower Level 5 tower from guild <|>
    2017-02-23 20:55:15 You destroyed a Tower Level 5 tower from guild <|>
    2017-02-23 19:31:38 You destroyed a Tower Level 5 tower from guild <|>
    2017-02-23 18:24:03 You destroyed a Tower Level 5 tower from guild <|>
    2017-02-23 17:19:53 You destroyed a Tower Level 5 tower from guild <|>
    2017-02-23 16:14:25 You destroyed a Tower Level 5 tower from guild <|>
    2017-02-23 15:12:13 You destroyed a Tower Level 5 tower from guild <|>
    2017-02-23 14:11:40 You destroyed a Tower Level 5 tower from guild <|>
    2017-02-23 13:16:23 You destroyed a Tower Level 5 tower from guild <|>
    2017-02-23 12:23:00 You leveled up by 1 level(s).
    2017-02-23 12:23:00 Congratulations! Quest completed.

    I guess you being level 26 at the time would know exactly what happened when I was in 30/1 taking rabentod's island. Go back to your scroll frank, your trolling is just darn right embarrassing mate.

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  17. frankthetank1974

    frankthetank1974 Board Analyst

    awsome fake arky xx buy your log book would not go back that far
    you mean cheeky took our 6 gold towers in 30.1 ...cough cough:rolleyes:
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  18. A-R-K-Y

    A-R-K-Y Forum Overlooker

    It doesnt have too, it was saved from my log because it was the day that bam failed to take 30 and 185 haven't lost it since.


  19. USB~Greybeard

    USB~Greybeard Padavan

    Des, I'm so glad that you decided to come to our teamspeak and speak with us when we had !O!, I can honestly say without you !O! may of never of been able to beat RED(And not to forget the others who came from red and rn2). Although, when you joined !O! daddy was leader not arky :D...

    But in all seriousness, I thorughly enjoyed destroying RED and others with you and wish you guys good luck on UK.

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  20. _RATTY_.

    _RATTY_. Exceptional Talent

    Oioi Des! We share some history ! Nice speech!
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