Diminishing Returns

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    Diminishing Returns

    Diminishing Returns is a feature within Seafight which adjusts the returns or rewards players receive based on how long they have been online

    Quite simply, the longer the player is online, the fewer rewards they will get. Do not worry though, players who play for a "normal amount of time" will not be affected by this system, in fact, they will get increased rewards for a small period!

    If you are being affected by the Diminishing Returns, you shall have the following icon in your status bar, and your logbook entries will also say (Correction: %), which represents how much you are gaining or losing.

    Diminishing Returns-.png

    How it works:

    When a player logs in, they will gain 10% additional rewards for a limited period

    Once this period has ended, the player will then continue to get their regular rewards while they are playing a normal amount of time

    As the player starts to enter the abnormal amount of play time, their rewards shall gradually begin to reduce. The longer they continue to play, the more significant the reduction of the rewards.

    Offline times also play a role in this system, while you are offline your rewards gradually increase again.

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