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  1. ☆ADM!RAL☆

    ☆ADM!RAL☆ Forum Apprentice

    well 8 years on Usa1 server
    the video speaks :)

    Foul Language is not allowed on this forum, whether its in words or song. Please remember young player may see this.
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  2. Banshee.

    Banshee. Old Hand

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    ZEUSZ-HUN Someday Author

    This video is outnumbering and people being afk, please learn to make videos or be better at fighting
  4. îĸý̆

    îĸý̆ Someday Author

    Lol open comments on your youtube videos..this video very poop.
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  5. îĸý̆

    îĸý̆ Someday Author

    At 6 seconds of this video it contains offensive language and isn't age appropriate. Please take this down. Not to mention poor fighting by Dion.
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  6. ☆ADM!RAL☆

    ☆ADM!RAL☆ Forum Apprentice

    u mad richaaa ?? no cry my noobs

    GPMONSTER Forum Veteran

    interesting your video is of AFK sinks and your promoting it as a fighting video and bosting that you are strong ??? next time add a little actual combat with others not just with your m8s might be better to watch good luck on your next video
  8. ☆ADM!RAL☆

    ☆ADM!RAL☆ Forum Apprentice

    like this ??
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    ZEUSZ-HUN Someday Author

    Why are these videos with curse language being allowed to be posted in the forums.
  10. Scallywag

    Scallywag Board Analyst

    Hi there,

    Please remember that young people play this game and read this forum. Foul Language is not allowed within this forum, That goes for music with bad Language as well.
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