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Discussion in 'Help' started by toni_maroni™, Mar 8, 2019.

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  1. toni_maroni™

    toni_maroni™ Forum Greenhorn

    Hey everyone,

    I noticed today when I tried to climb up to the barracuda league that the promotion isn't working as it's supposed to. I fulfill all of the requirements and yet I still can't switch the league. Under the "promotion" tab in the safe heaven I even get the notification "Error: Available leagues: Jellyfish League," when I hover the mouse over the promotion button. Looking at the overall score of all servers I also noticed that only the ones with more than 100 million elite points in this season have the green arrow next to their name. However, it should only require 5 million in the ongoing season to move up to the barracuda league.

    The same goes for all other leagues:
    Jellyfish to Seahorse - usually: 1 million in one season; now: 5 million
    Seahorse to Barracuda - usually: 5 million in one season; now: 100 million
    Barracuda to Manta - usually: 10 million in one season; now: 500 million

    Btw I'm 100% certain the bug appeared when the calculation of the daily rank got changed.

    Thanks in advance :)


    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    It has been forwarded and it is being worked on. I am sorry but that is all the information we have at this time.

  3. Swift

    Swift User


    As there has been no further response and there is no further help we can provide on the forum regarding this, this thread shall now be closed.

    Happy Sailing!

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