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Discussion in 'New Pirate Tutorials' started by skillsallround, Jan 13, 2021.

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  1. skillsallround

    skillsallround Forum Apprentice

    Ahoy Mates,

    I have a few questions about extension setups, 1stly i realize that to receive the listed benefit you need to use the same item e.g. all ribs , however what are the effects of say mixing all 1 item but of different levels?

    2ndly please share your PvE setup (chains/ribs/latern) ?

    3rdly it would be much appreciated if you could shed a little light on the PvP aspects also, its fine if you dont want to share, I am a tagless player and still quite enjoy the challange of PvP.

    Cheers in advance

    AIRTEC Someday Author

    personally on my pve setup i run enough rowboats to hit 45k boarding bonus usually around 3-4 level 5 rowboats then i run around 5 chains rest ribs this is my pve/ event setup. PvP well that classified information mate ;)
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  3. skillsallround

    skillsallround Forum Apprentice

    ahoy , thanks for you time , doesn't having multiple sets of different types 'down grade' your boat? in your case 3 types of extensions?

    AIRTEC Someday Author

    it will but the smaller amounts not matter its like if you mixed chains with beams that doesnt work but i believe you have to kinda test what works for you like ribs and chains work well throwing in the rowboats i didnt notice a difference too much in what i get hit because it doesnt remove damage prevention.
  5. Sephiroth

    Sephiroth Junior Expert

    i run 13 ribs and the rest chains of speed for my PvP = 2.16 reload with the cannons i currently have on.

    PvE - 2 rowboats, 12 ribs and 2 chains of speed = 37k boarding which is enough for most of the things i actually board.. revenge etc.
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