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Discussion in 'General Feedback' started by frankTHEplank, Feb 15, 2020.

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  1. frankTHEplank

    frankTHEplank Forum Greenhorn

    So with flash player no longer being supported later on this year is this game safe? or are we just wasting our time and money on something that is also due to close.

    Yes you brought out a skin based client but i don't see no further development for that client which still needs flash to work.

    Is it possible that tomorrow we could be typing out the web address to be approached by a message saying "Game Closed" - We need answers, is this game ending, are we wasting our time and our money!

  2. robodol1.

    robodol1. Padavan

    As they announced it will run on another program, that wouldn't make any changes to gameplay or graphics, why do you think flash is the only program this game could run on?
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    TEX~BULL User

    Here is the latest update from the folks up stairs:

    Technology Switch

    Hope this explains it for you.

  4. Graverattack

    Graverattack Padavan

    and those of us who cant use the client? for me its not working, downloaded it 10 times but still get the same error mesage

    TEX~BULL User

    you will have to contact Support with this issue.


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