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    I recently came back to the game and not only have on my old ship grown a lot and tested out all the new things but i also started out fresh on a new ship to have something to do on the side and also see how it is now compared to the old days... can only say that ingame quests are idiotically poorly explained/ badly phrased.... sometimes its impossible to know how to complete them without checking the forums and sadly even there its not always correct or well explained... for example had a quest where i had to "collect glitter" according to the forum after the ingame description didnt do me squat.... while i did have to collect glitter the forum didnt mention i had to do it on a certain map.... something i could have used to complete a quest instantly rather than after a week of trying and failing and frustrasion.

    The game in general is so filled with inconsistency its laughable... one thing works one way here and completely different there as well as prices for somethings adapt with time like the ingame store where you can easily grow and buy 55p cannons and level to 60p lvl5 etc, however the league hall store is completely outdated giving after like 3 months of playing you the chance to buy 25x lvl1 60p cannons or 2x firestorm lvl0.... and the game is filled with things like that making it very hard to predict or assume things because everything is different... or how the skill tree is able to grow and put talents in from lvl1 and onward but the 1 single way of changing your mind is to lvl up to 26 and killing a raid boss... the old system with talent reset was much better and more FAIR!. also lvl 15 or below boats should have more npc's to board or sink for crowns preferably with lower hp, takes forever for a small ship to shoot them down to board for crowns to get the commonwealth people so they can shoot event ships effectively

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    AT this time we are working to update the Seafight Bible which includes the FAQs. Please bare with us as we are a very small team and are working as fast as we can but take into consideration the sheer amount of information contained there in i i s a daunting task. If you wish to assist in this endeavor, please feel free to join the team as a part of the forum. here's the link:

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    Also take into consideration that we are volunteers and do this in our free time, taking time away from actually being able to enjoy and play the game.

    Could you please inform us of which Quest in the forum was not correct or not explained correctly? That way we can fix that one as soon as possible.


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