Guild Diplomacy System

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    Guild Diplomacy System

    Every guild member can see the Relations Tab, but only players with certain rights can alter guild relations.

    If the player does not have the right to change the relation, this action is not visible to him/her.

    There will be an entry in the guild logbook for each changed relation.

    For players without a guild, this Relation Tab is not visible.

    Setting the Relations Status

    1. Type in the tag, or Guild name you wish to set a relations status for.

    2. Click on the "Guild Search" button.

    3. Click on the yellow "Status" circle on the right hand side of the screen.

    4. A "Guild Relations" box will appear. Select the status you wish to give the Guild in question.

    5. Click the "Save" button. The Guild will now feature this colour in their tag display.




    Relations Tab

    This will bring up an overview of all guilds coloured differently than neutral (yellow).

    The different relation colours can be filtered with a checkbox drop down.

    The top left relation means that your guild towers will not attack anyone who is in a guild with this relation.

    Colouring can also be altered here.

    Colouring a guild neutral, will remove it from the list.

    The selected colour corresponds to the color the guilds Name-Tag will have (left of the player name).

    The Date of Colouring will also be shown here.

    Sorting will happen alphabetically (name and tag) and by number (size, date). By d
    efault will be by name.

    Deselecting a colour will hide it in the list below.

    Clicking on the "Inspect" symbol will bring up the guild information and you can also change the colors by clicking on "edit".




    Changing Relation Name and Colour

    Colours can be saved with a description. This right comes with the right to change the colour.

    Clicking on the button "edit description" will show text fields instead of labels.

    There are "save" and "cancel" buttons visible in this mode.

    There is a maximum character count for the description.

    Changing Relation1.png

    Changing Relation2.png

    Changing Relation3.png

    Default Descriptions

    Red: "At War"

    Orange: "Non-Aggression Pact"

    Green: "Friend"

    Blue: "Event-Ally"

    When meeting members of other guilds, your members will be able to see what their relationship is.

    The color you assign each guild is secret - the marked guild will not be notified.
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