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    Guild Overview
    Guild Overview is where you see the Guild Description, and can set the Logbook up by checking or un-checking the boxes. See below.
    guild overview.png

    Overview Edit
    Here you can edit Guild info.; turn Recruiting on/off; edit the Guild Avatar and the Guild description; and change the Guild name and/or Guild tag.
    guild edit.png

    guild edit 2.png
    Guild Announcements
    This is where you see and do your Guild Announcements. These announcements are private Guild messages that all Members can see. Click on "Create New" to make a new announcement.

    guild announcements.png
    Here you can search your members; set members Ranks; inspect Profiles; leave Guild; and see who is online.

    guild members.png
    Here you will see a members profile,with all relevant info.: ID, Level, League, Last Login, VP, HP, Speed, Hit Probability, and Reload time

    Send Message
    Here you can send messages to your Guild members by clicking on the mail icon shown in the picture below.

    guild send message.png
    Guild Ranks
    Here you can set the Rank, and give what Rights you wish that Rank to have. You can also create your own Rank by clicking on "Create New".

    guild ranks.png
    Guild Islands
    Here you will see a list of the Islands your Guild has, if you have any Islands.

    guild island.png


    Here you can set the Guild Tax, Donate Pearls, and give Gold out to your members.
    Please remember there is a 10% processing fee when giving out Gold.
    You will also see how much Gold, and how many Pearls, your Guild has.

    Your guild leader, or any member with the rights to do so, can set the tax % up to a maximum of 5% if you have no islands, and 1% more for each additional Island that your guild has, up to a max of 10%

    This % of the Gold you have on board your Ship will be paid into your Guild each night.

    guild treasury.png

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