Has game improved?

Discussion in 'New Pirate Tutorials' started by Mac, Jan 12, 2020.

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  1. Mac

    Mac Forum Mogul

    Hi All,

    Just looking for some feedback

    Thinking of returning to game after a lengthy time away

    Has game improved any?
    Is it still the endless money pit it was before?
    Ilegal programs can not be discussed in this forum.


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  2. tigermoth1037

    tigermoth1037 Padavan

    no its worse. If your not prepared to spend a few hundred/thousands to get back then dont bother.

    1. The game has improved but also got worse in ways. dead servers. full of bots. crazy lag and freezing more often than it used to be.

    2. Its more of a money pit than it used to be.

    3. Edit if anything they get a 14day ban and theyre back on the sea :) good for BP but maps are empty other than 13 14 15 maps.
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  3. MiniMeanie

    MiniMeanie Padavan

    It's different, the season I think is a good new addition, it's still a bit of a money pit, and your last question, prolly worse.
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    ♥ŚȚŖÄŴBËŖŖŸ♥ Someday Author

    mac alot has changed over the years on here you need to pay for a lot of it now but some events are good also there is not much group fighting any more as alot have bugs to help them grow there ships happy sailing mac and nice see you back again
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  5. babenewport

    babenewport Someday Author

    basically i agree with whats already been said however its stillin my opinion a very addictive game and enjoyable. the principle of the game is still very much the same. up to map 20 nothing has changed but higher it gets harder you can still get a lot of stuff free and some of the voucher codes are very good . the events are good in general but the focus is geared to hitting power my advice is if you are going to rejoin join a pve server to get a feel of the game
  6. Rabbid

    Rabbid Regular

    In my personal opinion I would say the new seasons make the game much more enjoyable. Not only can you acquire great cannons for free by putting some effort into it, you can also do some great pvp with these worldbreaker cannons.

    I came back when the season was added to see if it was worth it, since then I've replaced all of my doomhammers with lvl 0-1 worldbreakers and level 4-5 painbringers. I only bought 3 packs and the rest was earned from the season. I am currently working on trophy and leveling to 45.

    All in all it was worth it for me and I'm having some great fun with guild members. I also expect that to get better when/if a merge comes.

    OH and the dreaded lagg fixed too. ;)
  7. bodean

    bodean Forum Inhabitant

    as some other posts have stated the season addition to the game is really good. it can benefit big and small boats. worth checking out anyway, gl m8.:)
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  8. tigermoth1037

    tigermoth1037 Padavan

    Agree with above, Season is definitely the best addition they have brought in a long time, It is free to do other than a lot of farming & really helps the smaller boats out with the free world breakers. pretty disappointing that the mods seem to enforce the word bot on the forum more than the actual bots though xD
  9. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight

    We understand your frustration. We can deal with the issues on the forum, the issues ingame are down to our developers and managers.

  10. tigermoth1037

    tigermoth1037 Padavan

    which is understandable Seren. but a potential returning customer is asking current customers their opinion, and to get them deleted just seems like your trying to hide the true facts and thoughts of current paying customers? Lets face it, illegal programs are a huge issue in the game and the OP deserves to know that it is still a huge issue
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  11. Sea~Stream

    Sea~Stream Someday Author

    He has a point Seren, a genuine question was asked and nobody liked the answer but the truth hurts.In my opinion the game only costs money if you decide to spend it,even if you spent hundreds ,even thousands there's always gonna be a better ship so just play the game for what it is "a game" ,Great community with great mod's just batter away and get them low rep sinks and run,Onward the brave ;)
  12. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight

    I totally agree, however, we will not let this turn into a discussion thread on that one subject. Nor will we accept any insults or deeming comments to our team, or Bigpoin in general.


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