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Discussion in 'New Pirate Tutorials' started by ZauerBiest, May 14, 2019.

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  1. ZauerBiest

    ZauerBiest Forum Greenhorn

    Seafight pvp build set-up

    So what is the best build for pvp

    aka ship gems, pet gems

    all castles, skills,

    what kind of cannons,

    extensions beams or laterns or ribs?

    what are people recommendation for best pvp build ?

    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    Here is a good explanation for different cannon set up from a fellow pirate dozza:

    Hi, here's how I'd set mine up:

    1 Ship, 1 maybe 2 Pet(s) and 3 presets for cannons

    Ship Gems: HP, Damage reduction, Cannon damage and Hit Prob or critical chance if your hit prob is already high.

    Preset 1: PvP, favour Dps to win fights, Dooms, Pains, Devs and Firestorms are all great, use calculator to see which works best for your setup/available cannons (Shameless Plug).

    Preset 2: PvE Elite ammo, Use high damage cannons, Dooms, Pains and Devs are good, best used for event shooting as high damage per cannonball = better profit.

    Preset 3: PvE Hollow, Use Fast firing cannons as hollows are the same damage with almost all cannons, Firestorms are by far the best, rift cannons and pains also work. Admirals are worse than you'd think, only good for xp/elp farming.

    Pets: Both with Damage one with Crit chance, one with accuracy for PvP, though one of these should be just fine especially if you don't have many gems.

    as far as lanterns, ribs, ect I have ribs for the damage reduction but that is just my opinion.

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  3. HMS-dozza

    HMS-dozza Padavan

    @TEX~BULL Has basically given my answer ;) but I will add that there isn't really a 'best' build as it really depends how your opponent has built their ship, which you have no way of knowing. The best advice I can give is go full in on whatever build you choose, don't try to be the best at everything because you'll be weak to everything.

    So go tank build with lots of HP, damage reduction and dodge chance so you're strong against people who hit hard

    Or go Crit build, stack devs and crit chance items and aim for insane hits

    Or even accuracy build to push through enemy dodge chance to kill tanky enemies

    There is no setup that makes you the best at everything so choose one thing and be the best at that :)
    Also solid life advice
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  4. Skyppu

    Skyppu Forum Greenhorn

    Hy then i have a full ship Pains ,or full Doom level 5 and now some lvl 6... but i really make a big mistake ... Why....what is the maximum about the gems when they got stoped to work,,, because i have doge chance on ship and same in pet lvl 25... in the ship i have damage reduction hit prob and cannon damage.. also in pet i have accuracy damage all gems level 25.... but somenthing not work very well... Also the special gem in the ship in plates reduction ....i really need some help ... bcs if need to play on crit set i can do that and also only with dev and mix Pains.,... but need to work.... Thanks

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