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    Where can I find these Ogygia

    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    Mini Game: Ogygia (Calypso)

    How to play video:

    The Sirens and Calypso are engaged in a fierce fight.

    Your task is to help the Sirens to destroy Calypso.

    Calypso is surrounded by four tentacles which form defense zones that significantly reduce the damage you can cause to Calypso. The tentacles are aggressive and attack you as soon as you are within their attack range. After a while, the Sirens summon their little helper, Undine. She is surrounded by a damage zone which can inflict massive damage to the tentacles close to this zone. Undine disappears every now and then. You should pay attention to how you can use Undine the best to shoot all tentacles down as fast as possible. As soon as all tentacles are down, Calypso attacks you once again.

    This Ogygia map can of course be completed with the help of hired helpers.

    You have two options:
    · Two helper ships support you: (Solon's coins)
    Helper ship 1 heals Sirens
    Helper ship 2 provides you with a hit chance buff

    · One helper ship supports you: (Plato’s coins)
    Helper ship 1 heals Sirens


    If the Siren is defeated, you lose the mini game and are teleported back to the normal sea chart without any reward!

    Don’t forget: Helpers reduce your final rewards and score!

    Has this helped?

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