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  1. ĢΦФσf¤Ẅλяッ

    ĢΦФσf¤Ẅλяッ Forum Greenhorn

    I havent played in about 8-9 years id like to get back into the game but everything has changed to the point im a newbie again, so is there any guides on getting more slots cannons/better cannons, which ships to farm pearls easily ect, also without spending a fortune, as people now can sink me with 2 shots!(over 500k hp)
  2. Powder Monkeys,Cabin Boys, Trophy Room ( Almost the same as Castels, but with valuta of Crowns)+ You need to earn Reputation Points to open each slots),Open more slots for cannons after this can be used by Yulong Coins from Fenhuang Maps - 31/1-40 Maps by doing Quests and shooting NPC. If I was you would I buy "payment packs" who includes Painbringers at least Lvl4,or went for Worldbreaker Cannons when a new season starts, you can get matetrials to get these for doing the quest for the season. But I do not know when a new one will start and what kind of rewards it will be this time.

    For Expansion :
    Instead of Beams , Ribs are more effective for Defense also. But each rib takes 25 equipment slots. " Ribs gives also HP+VP+Defense"

    Comonwealth Sellsword Lvl 1- 3 Gives, Extra Weapon Slots. + Higher Npc Hit Probility

    And use DMG Prevention + Dodge Chance for you defense, and you should might use also Pet Gems + Trainers Lvl3 (Can get them in Normal Chests)on your Pet, who has Dodge Chance + Hit Probility.

    Easy Pearl Maps will be from Maps 13-15 by shooting Drakir Hrell, 500K HP)

    Maybe theres others out here who can help you more, but thats what I can mention right now :)
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  3. ĢΦФσf¤Ẅλяッ

    ĢΦФσf¤Ẅλяッ Forum Greenhorn

    thats a great help atleast i have some kind of basics to work on, thanks!

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