How I got 15 million pearls for less than $15.00 !!

Discussion in 'New Pirate Tutorials' started by The*Defiant, Mar 1, 2022.

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  1. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Forum Demigod

    If this isn't one of the best hidden secrets of Seafight, I don't know what is. It involves doing the Daily Quest Below:

    BigPoint Mining (daily quest)

    Start At: Fang Weisheng (31/1)


    Complete A Rare Currency
    Use the Seafight Client

    I figured out how to make more of these BigPoints! All you need to do is: Bring me the anchor of this specific ship! Deadly force might or might not be required ... who can tell.

    Defeat 1 Fenghuang Raider
    Where to find!?

    Fenghuang Raider can be found in the Delta of the Hai Yan Raid Map, accessible using a Chi-Chi Stick when you are level 40 or higher

    End At: Fang Weisheng (31/1)



    3 Big Points

    So you have to be at least Level 40 to do it daily (I am currently Level 46). I did this quest for 50 days and then bought the following:
    Calypso's Chest$13.99 USD1$13.99 USD
    This was to give me access to the Buccaneer's Bounty. Then go here within the Buc's Bounty (see below) and get 1 million pearls for 10 Big Points!


    Here is my LogBook:

    2022-02-26 21:45:35 150x BigPoints was/were removed. Reason: Paid for item.
    2022-02-26 21:45:35 You received 15000000 x Pearls.

    I hope this tip is helpful to you! P.S. If your ship is not yet Level 40 or higher, get to work matey !!!:):):)

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  2. Maceel

    Maceel Junior Expert

    so... you play this daily for 50 days x 3 BP a day = 150 BP and you take 15 mil pearls
    so... instead of taking Gemini Bonus that give extra weapon slots and you can take 6 of them for 150 you chose pearls
    that is low player thinking, every hight rank player is taking the bm's not the pearls, and you think you find "best hidden secret" LMAO
  3. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Forum Demigod

    Well - one of us is not good at math, and it isn't me. Which lasts longer and has more value? The 15 million pearls or 20 cannon slots for 14 days times 3 = 42 days? <--(Assuming you buy 6 Gemini Maps and get Primus and Secundus rewards alternating, so 3 of each). I had 9 Gemini Maps (not purchased with Big Points) and received like 7 Secundus rewards and only 2 Primus rewards. So you aren't even guaranteed to get both at the same time for the total of 20 cannon slots (which are temporary). See below. My tip is aimed at any players needing to build up their pearl reserves (even at Level 40, some don't have many, nor the time to shoot for them). Obviously, if you are in a large guild and have lots of time to accumulate say 100 million pearls on board, this is not your best choice. But thanks for your most kind opinion. (I had no intention of coming across as being arrogant; I only meant to try to help others).

    Gemini Primus


    Get +5 extra Cannon Slots, and +10 if you have the Gemini Secundus Buff. (+20 Total if you have both)
    This buff can only be acquired from completing the Gemini Scroll.


    +5 Cannon Slots OR +10 Cannon Slots if you have Gemini Secundus

    Gemini Secundus


    Get +5 extra Cannon Slots, and +10 if you have the Gemini Primus Buff. (+20 Total if you have both)
    This buff can only be acquired from completing the Gemini Scroll.


    +5 Cannon Slots OR +10 Cannon Slots if you have Gemini Primus

    Note: Each buff will be booked for 14 days when you completed the bonus map and if you won the new Buff. All the weapon slots will be active as long as the buffs are active.

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  4. well M8....while I see your logic, I can easily farm 5 million pearls a day...and I save my BP for buying other things. It isn't always the case, but, for example, I got lucky the other morning and shot the battleship in the chi chi map with one other person...I got over 3 million pearls there...lion map farming is good for pearls as well. Somehow (I don't remember exactly how) I ended up with over 20 Aires scroll maps...170 thou pearls each...takes me under 5 minutes. Just doing virgo and cap scroll maps can add up and I have over a thousand of each.
  5. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Forum Demigod

    I understand and appreciate your point, mate. I am a solo player in my own guild, which is much different from playing in a strong guild like you are in. And if we have any relatively new players looking to build up their ships (buying castle slots, skill points, etc.), then I think it is a good tip to know about. The only other point I will state is the irrefutable fact that if I follow Maceel's strategy, and say I don't play for 3 days, I have lost 3 days of the benefit of that limited-time buff. However, my pearls remain untouched.
  6. Ya...I can understand that. Running solo makes it a differernt game. After quiting the game for 5 years, I came back at lvl20 and did all my leveling up alone...finally made it and 'found' some of my old friends which is why I am in the guild I am in now. good luck !
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  7. Maceel

    Maceel Junior Expert

    as he said is e

    I know you are solo player and I don't understand why.
    For players like me who have every upgrade with pearls on max is useless, but for new players I feel like is 50/50 even if I make new ship I'm not sure if I will take that over gemini map's .
    Also if you play for 2-3 hours a day making 1-2 mil and like yourself play alone not with alliance (not recommended for new players) is good help for developing farther your ship.
    And to be hones I would not comment on your post if you didn't write this "If this isn't one of the best hidden secrets of Seafight, I don't know what is."
    sorry but you can see what is in buccaneer bounty without buying package with money, and there is nothing hidden in this game.
  8. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Forum Demigod

    You can indeed see the Buc's Bounty items, but you certainly can't buy them without spending cash on a package. (Note the big red circle with a line through it on ALL of the items which, when you mouse over them, it tells you the packs which you must have bought at least one of in order to access the Buc's Bounty and purchase things). No worries: next time I will word it like this: "Here is a tip that may help new players", or - on second thought - I may just not post anything due to people like you. P.S. As for my playing "solo", it has a lot of advantages: I can build Battle Points quickly shooting anyone I choose, I make my own rules, I don't get Pub mail from Guild Leaders telling me I said something in Chat that offended someone, or that I accidentally shot an ally and that Guild is mad, and so forth. It makes you a better fighter as well.
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  9. -PUSAT-

    -PUSAT- Active Author

    I agree with you mate, i fly solo as well and i don't have to worry about someone telling me the same as you said, and come help with islands and donate pearls for towers..and all that blah blah......having to answer to noone is the best kind of playing...Cheers mate!!!
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  10. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Forum Demigod

    Thanks for your support mate!
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