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Discussion in 'Help' started by Pagan_Spirit, May 14, 2018.

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  1. Pagan_Spirit

    Pagan_Spirit Forum Inhabitant

    Question about the cost to kill:
    It takes me about 6,000 p.ammo to kill one (=3k pearls)

    --> Is that normal...? (or are my cannons just too shabby)

    **asking because need to know if to attempt past level 21 (the test requires 75k crowns = 150 x daily quest -> 150 x 10x3,000 = 450,000 perals for the warriors alone) <- and that's a sure as hell beig NOPE on my side.
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  2. Swift

    Swift User


    The amount of ammunition it takes for you to kill a HRMS Warrior, as you may expect, depends on your setup. I personally recommend you equip a Commonwealth Sellsword and any other items/equipment which increase your Hit Probability when shooting any Commonwealth NPC's as this makes a big difference.

    I shall move this thread to the New Pirate Tutorial section of the forum so that your fellow pirates can also comment and provide you with advice.

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  3. Bawdyn

    Bawdyn Forum Baron

    @Pagan_Spirit, I too have recently graduated to the Commonwealth. I also don't have the damage/defense to be able to sink the ships with the same ease as I see a lot of others can do. I don't have all the answers, in fact I also have questions. I look forward to hearing advice from those that know better. I can tell you what things I have discovered that make it easier than when I first got to the 21 map.

    - First things first. Your math is off. You only need 15 daily quests to get the 75k crowns; 15*5k=75k.
    - You are going to want to spend a lot of the crowns you earn on the extra cannon slots and possibly the extra expansion slots.
    - As swift mentioned, you need to have the Sellsword to make any real advancement. He is gained on a chance from boarding the Warrior. The odds are ~50%. He gets you 30 more cannon slots and 40% hit probability and lives for 24 hours.
    - The Warrior hits very hard, so to finish it off without being sunk to quickly or without too many repair cycles, you should have the Guardian first.
    - The Guardian is gained by boarding the Renown (also ~50% chance, lives 24 hours). He gives you 50% dodge and 30 expansion slots (and extra pirate slots).
    - Once you have the Guardian, you can take on the Warrior to get the Sellsword.
    - Once you have the Sellsword, the Renown is much easier.
    - The Warrior has a lot of defense (dodge mostly I think), so you need as much hit prob as you can get. So ironically, you need the Sellsword you can get from it in order to really be effective against it. Any other hit prob items you have should also be used; powders, crystals (ship and pet), skills, castles, Hailstorms.
    - If you use the Guardian and all defensive items (crystals, castles, etc) you can do the renown with some hollows rather than only pearl ammo to reduce the 'cost'.

    The above has helped me a lot and I am a lot better at sinking them than when I first got to the map (although losing the Cabin Boys was a huge step backwards :( ). I still have a long way to go. As I earn crowns I'm buying more cannon slots which improves things as well. I'm still not sure how others hit harder and take less damage than I do (by a lot in some cases). Maybe they have bought the payment expansions (Ribs?) or have moved up further where they can get the higher level Sellswords/Guardians? Or have bought a full set of the Doom and/or Devastator cannons. I have some of these, but I'm mostly using Voodoo cannons that I earned by doing the mid level tests.

    Hope that helps and hopefully someone else will chime in with even more tips.
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  4. *KRUCHY*

    *KRUCHY* Forum Duke

    Hey guys :) ,

    @Pagan_Spirit , dude you are in GB* right ? If so, then call me over yours guild TS i will gladly help you sink these Warriors like I used to do for other GB* members not a problem for me , dont forget to equip pet trainers ( eg. Agility ) with will boost your defence against those NPC m8 :)

    @Bawdyn , everything very nice described :)
    Ribs are huge help for smaller players , i recomend every1 to get them asap ^^


    @Bawdyn if you need help with Warriors call me over chat/ts aswell

    Have a nice day guys!
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  5. Eternal-Servant

    Eternal-Servant Forum Apprentice

    if you have good hit probability you can use Commonwealth Guardian and do them with hollow ammo :cool:
  6. Pagan_Spirit

    Pagan_Spirit Forum Inhabitant

    all awesome tips!
    I am totally content.... and my math is waaay off (that alone already makes everythinga lot better).

    @Bawdyn <3

    @Kruchy ts wat :p I'll hit u up in chat at some point - too much youngblood on ts, theyll steal my confidence in humanity o_O
  7. Bawdyn

    Bawdyn Forum Baron

    I might just take you up on that. :) Didn't you help me with my last regular 21 quest? I also will use chat as I haven't been on ts for years.
  8. Pagan_Spirit

    Pagan_Spirit Forum Inhabitant

    yup, seems like my math was all over the place.
    However, @Bawdyn - was this cost somehow close to yours?
    75 / 5 = 15 quests
    it takes me 35k pearls ie 70k p.ammo to finish one quest
    --> 525k pearls for level 22
    cuz..damn dude, thats still pretty hefty!
  9. Bawdyn

    Bawdyn Forum Baron

    @Pagan_Spirit I haven't done an exact measurement, but it takes me ~3k of P ammo per ship as I also use some hollows (save that last p ammo shot and use hollows once the ship HP is below your p ammo hit value). Using that estimate:
    3k*20=60k ammo = 30k pearls

    I've only done the quest 3 times so far and I've put the crowns into buying cannon slots. I haven't even thought about trying to accumulate the 75k crowns to level up. In addition to the cost in pearls to do the quest, is the cost in time. With Cabin Boys, I was able to sink them without having to stop and repair mid way, but waiting to repair back to full again to take on the next ship takes a lot of time. I don't have enough of the higher amulets for HP/VP to throw them away on this quest too. Now that my Cabin Boys have expired, I'll be back to having to repair after I board, so it will take even more time to do the quest. Between all this repairing and getting sunk by the kiddies, it takes me several hours to do the quest, so I only do it when I don't have anything else to do in the game.
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  10. piranhahunter

    piranhahunter Forum Connoisseur

    what is like a good hit probability for you?like maybe numbers lol
    yust curious
  11. Bawdyn

    Bawdyn Forum Baron

    I have 126% and its not enough to hollow the warriors with the guardian (as this also means no Sellsword so less cannons). I think its more important to increase your dodge and prevention if you want to hollow them. Renowns don't have dodge (or not much if they do), so anything over 100 hit prob makes no additional damage. With the guardian on I can use enough hollows to save some pearl ammo, but I don't have quite enough dodge/prevention to hollow them completely.
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  12. piranhahunter

    piranhahunter Forum Connoisseur

    i have 139% and cant hollow them either
    thanx for reply buddy
  13. *KRUCHY*

    *KRUCHY* Forum Duke

    Hey @piranhahunter ,

    your hit prob is fine but did you tryed to change your pet gems over ? Try to set an pet with both defences ( dodge and dmg prev ) + add guardian to that :) deffo will workout for you good m8
  14. piranhahunter

    piranhahunter Forum Connoisseur

    lol if i put guradian on i lose sellsword and with less cannons i sux lmao
  15. *KRUCHY*

    *KRUCHY* Forum Duke

    Hey @piranhahunter ,

    thats true , your damage will decrease however theres no way to hollow everything around you without any sacrafise m8. First of do as I said ( change pet to diff one with both defences on ) if that doesnt help to much then add guardian
  16. piranhahunter

    piranhahunter Forum Connoisseur

    i will try that and get back 2 u ok
    thankx for the tip
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