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Discussion in 'General Feedback' started by USS_Defender(CAG-01), Feb 28, 2021.

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  1. USS_Defender(CAG-01)

    USS_Defender(CAG-01) Exceptional Talent

    At one time Island Acquisition and defense of the acquisition was the sole responsibility of the Guild that acquired the Island. The result was increased currency consumption to maintain the acquisition which in turn resulted in revenue enhancement. That is no longer the case. Currently an Island can be acquired and if sufficient currency is expended, and defense of the acquistion, is by many Guilds the Island is essentially "Maxxed" out, and is effectively inert, as far as revenue enhancement is concerned. And defense of an Island by Guilds other than the Guild that acquired it means they get a "Free Ride". The feedback is: Reduce or eliminate the number of Guilds that can occupy an Island acquired by another Guild. This would help to return the games Island dynamics to its original concept and increase the consumption of currency which in turn would increase revenue flow.
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  2. ~~diego~~

    ~~diego~~ Active Author

    so if you arent part of the guild owning the island you would rather get shot up helping defend an island with in an alliance ? thats kinda stupid if you ask me. Also there is all this rambling but no restructuring of any kind nothing to explain how to make the changes and so on this is a bad idea. Next time i would put more thought into this where is the restructure where is it making the gameplay more exciting you wanna increase revenues but you gotta make player base happy before increasing revenues and suggesting we revert back to how islands work from when the game first started would be a big step backwards in a game of progression we wanna move forward not revert back to stuff that didnt work and made gameplay less valid
  3. USS_Defender(CAG-01)

    USS_Defender(CAG-01) Exceptional Talent

    Diego you miss the point entirely. If there is no Island turn over there is no game play relative to Islands. As far as in the past the saying was: It is easy to get an Island its hard to keep it. Hence there was a constant flow of game play action and guild game currency in maintaining and acquiring an Island. With the exception of the current 4 and 5 map Islands the game play associated with island acquisition is futile to pursue even with the expending of Crowns for fleets. Basically its a waste of time and effort. Hence Islands are revenue and game play inert.
  4. USS_Defender(CAG-01)

    USS_Defender(CAG-01) Exceptional Talent

    So here is the Feedback. Only Guilds that have an Island should be able to occupy another Guilds Island and the number of Guilds that can occupy another Guilds island should be limited. This would improve Island Game play considerably. Please close now.
  5. ~~diego~~

    ~~diego~~ Active Author

    your idea is a bad idea you have no instruction on how any of this would work you should put more thought and detailed explanation as to how this would work etc. this thread should stay open for more feedback because the islands should be revamped but not in this way
  6. Sea~Stream

    Sea~Stream Junior Expert

    A complete waste of your time,these guild's have bot boats that run all night and sometimes all day.You can cost a guild million's of pearls and crowns and it does'nt put a dent in them because of all the skulldugarry.

    The developers should be ashamed of themselves,not being able to compete AND PROTECT THIS ONCE GREAT GAME against two bit botters.


    I tell you better still you would be better using bots because its the only way players will even the playing field until somethings sorted,Give and show us how to use abot please,If you can't beat them atleast let us join them.
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  7. ~~diego~~

    ~~diego~~ Active Author

    i agree
  8. *LittleBustaRhymes*

    *LittleBustaRhymes* Forum Greenhorn

    Its very simple, if there is a limit on how many guilds can be safe from the attack of the islands, it would make it harder for the islands to be defended. This would make it so that the islands change hands more frequently.
    It would also make it so that these huge alliances would be redundant.
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  9. ~~diego~~

    ~~diego~~ Active Author

    not really back in the day islands shot whoever didnt own it and as a alliance that owned the server then we successfully defended them daily as the alliances do now even if you restricted how many could come to the island without being sunk what about those beyond the towers shooting the enemy trying to take the towers there should be more to changing the way towers and islands work maybe revret back to the old system ? Then you run into the same problem i already stated the servers and players will always be unbalanced until bigpoint stops updating cannons and such for lets say a year or so so others can catch up or give some of the payment stuff free and not talking 100k of ammo here and there
  10. USS_Defender(CAG-01)

    USS_Defender(CAG-01) Exceptional Talent

    So where is the Island game play if Islands are in possession of one or two alliances? Apparently it has been realized because Islands 4 and 5 are constantly changing ownership and Islands 20 and below are beginning to bring some Island Game play back. Islands 20 and above seem to be sacred territory for a couple of guilds with influence. Those of us who have been here saw it happen. Within a couple of weeks after the expansion from 20 maps to 40 maps they were occupied. If you level up fairly and work hard without playing 24/7 you know it will take more than 2 or 3 weeks to go up 20+ levels. As I said the Game play for these Islands is effectively dead in the water and there is no significant in game currency expenditure associated with Islands 20 and above. And when these 2 mega alliances are considered it simply means the game has become one big push feast.
  11. Sea~Stream

    Sea~Stream Junior Expert

    There is only one answer for island's in my humble opinion no more than two island's per guild, do away with fleets and islands hit everyone apart from guild that own's said island.

    There is no other way, bot boats rule the islands on my server so atleast give the rest of us a chance.They can pearl and crown two islands not the hole server. And mod's see what's going on and I would be the first to admit thats it not there concern,they moderate the forum's brilliantly and have done for year's ,chat mod's can show favor but that's human nature.I would ask for a line of communication with the development team.

    Show some mercy on people who play the game for what it is a game and used to be a god damn good game,but developers dropped the ball plain and simple.

    2 islands per guild (after two islands conquered islands are left neutral)
    No fleets
    Islands shoot everyone apart from guild who own's it
    Reward's are reinvented for guilds who own map
    Restarts every 3 hour's to stop so many bot's that would help too

    I know I'm preaching to the choir but you have to do something our your cash cows dead on its feet.
  12. ~~diego~~

    ~~diego~~ Active Author

    i like the thought you put into this what kind of rewards very nice restructuring there i think this could work but what about towers and such how about a different way of paying for the towers instead of pearls and crown clearly alot of us have an over abundance of crowns and pearls i know i sure do as for the bots that might help curve them but restarts every 3 hours is a bit extreme maybe extend it communication on support tickets would be a huge plus as i know most other games do that very well thought out
  13. *Wonder*

    *Wonder* Advanced

    If this goes might be the end of sense in fighting for an island unless you can benifit from it.....
  14. Sea~Stream

    Sea~Stream Junior Expert

    Alliances ! What need is there for alliances in 2021 Seafight ?

    This would bring back the need for alliances once they get rid of silly fleets that any noob can send,You want the island you earn it rather that spending 1.2 mill pearls etc on an island that one man and his dog can take in 10 minutes.

    Alliance 's protect and take islands not a dirty boat with millions of crowns sitting in 24/1.
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  15. USS_Defender(CAG-01)

    USS_Defender(CAG-01) Exceptional Talent

    Take a look at how many Guilds Free load an Island in the 2 so called alliances. One or 2 Guilds acquire and maintain an Island. The rest freeload and if a Alliance Guild desires an Island they have to knee crawl for the Alliance Boss Guild to obtain one. And as it was and still should be, it is easy to obtain an Island its hard to keep it. Take a look at Maps 4 and 5 for example.
  16. ßOMßER

    ßOMßER Someday Author

    I think what you
    I think what you are saying is SUN guild is freeloading?
  17. шüʟғ™

    шüʟғ™ Someday Author

    Take away islands from game I say the same as when they first came at Seafight.
    "Islands are only for scared farmers to change dipers in."
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  18. USS_Defender(CAG-01)

    USS_Defender(CAG-01) Exceptional Talent

    Correct and quite a few others. You use other Guilds Island and do not pay for tower building and/or maintenance and hide in cove or hug it to shoot npc, run to it/hide in it for protection, all at no in game currency expenditure, it is free loading.
  19. ~~diego~~

    ~~diego~~ Active Author

    if you say its free loading but my question is if you have the island wouldnt that be the same if you have allies ? i guess you dont belong to the alliances that fight over the islands what it cost in not just towers but ammo and other resources to kepp the islands the islands should go away and that "might" help the situation but how much more fun would the game be this is becoming more of a crying and whining thread about not being able to maintain and hold an island than to find a solution to making it harder/easier to take and maintain plus singling out 1 guild is not called for in a thread about island acquisition and retention unless said guild has islands then ok

    imo this thread should be closed due to lack of discussion
  20. USS_Defender(CAG-01)

    USS_Defender(CAG-01) Exceptional Talent

    You are obviously reading impaired. I quote my quote. "Correct and quite a few others." Now expound on how many Islands above 20 map are stagnant since the increase from 20 maps to 45 maps, and who maintains them and who freeloads. And you can take your SUN toxic, scolding, Admin baiting elsewhere. I asked that this be closed, and it wasnt. It is the nature of some these players as to what will occur with their comments. It is a pervasive trait with SUN and their friends. So once again how about closing this.

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