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    Kraken Map

    Kraken 2.png

    To reach the Kraken map you will first need to collect the Kraken meat, which means you will have to face and destroy the Tentacle which you will find on maps 2-16.


    Once you have destroyed the Tentacle Kraken meat can be seen on the water. Kraken meat will give you either EXP or an entry to the queue for the Kraken map.


    This is what the queue counter looks like, on your sea chart - op.png . You can notice a number underneath it, this number is indicating how many more players are needed to join the queue for a player to gaine acess to the Kraken Map. For example when the counter displays 5/10 that mean 5 more players will be needed for a player to be teleported to the Kraken Map.

    Only when 10 players have collected the Octopus meat can you enter the Map.

    Kraken attacks.png

    If you are sunk within the Kraken map you will transported back to the Sea chart and will have to start over again if you wish to go back into the Kraken map.

    The Kraken Map

    Once you are in the Kraken map you will have to work as a team to overcome the Mighty Kraken. But beware he will hide in a pool of Ink making him invisible for you, while this Ink is there he will start to repair, and there will be Tentacles protecting him. Destroy the
    tentacles as fast as you can to stop him from regaining his full HP. Once the tentacles are destroyed the Pool of Ink will disappear and you can carry on shooting the Kraken.

    Cannon Balls.jpg

    There is a chance to receive Kraken Poison ammunition by destroying the Kraken.

    To win the Kraken Design, it will be necessary for you to pick up the Kraken Meat left behind after destroying the Kraken. Players will have a limited time to collect as many pieces as they can, before being kicked from the map. The design is received by picking up a lucky piece of Meat.


    Upon defeating the kraken you will be rewarded with:

    • Pearls
    • Experience points
    • Chance of Kraken Poison ammunition.
    Poison cannon balls.jpg
    • Chance of the Kraken Design.

    Kraken Design.fw.png

    Please note:

    If you happen to be in and queue and you decided to jump to the Bonus or raid map then you will be not teleported into the Kraken map. In order to get there you will have to shot some Tentacles and pick up the meat once again.

    Also if you are sunk or Log off the Sea chart while waiting to enter the Kraken map you will be removed from the queue and you will have to again destroy the Tentacle and collect the Kraken meat again.

    Once you have completed the Kraken map and destroyed the Mighty Kraken it will be a while before the Tentacles will reappear on the Sea chart for you to start again to collect the needed Kraken meat.

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