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Discussion in 'General Feedback' started by EG•ARMY, Nov 7, 2020.

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  1. EG•ARMY

    EG•ARMY Forum Apprentice

    Seafight holds events for making the game more interesting and to help players get more pearls to upgrade their ships. However, I play only in events because of my limited time but it's clear that all players during events shoot the weaker players! so when should we play the game and upgrade our ships to be stronger?!

    I started playing Seafight 11 years ago and can't make progress because Seafight needs to put rules that control PvP maps and give chance for players to play. I always come back to play when Seafight sends me an email asking me "why you stop playing" and I thought Seafight team found the reason and enhanced the game but they continue to lose clients.

    Please Seafight's team make RULES and control events!
    for example: Players below level 10 should join maps that doesn't include players above level 10.
    If a player attacked other player's ships more than twice, prevent him from attacking for 1 hour at least.

    and more rules can help! Thanks.
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  2. motorko69

    motorko69 Forum Apprentice

    hello we only shoot little players like twice only for batle points. ofcourse not for funn;)
  3. Swift

    Swift Board Administrator Team Seafight


    The moderator team shall forward your valuable feedback to the development team. We would like thank you for taking the time out of your day to provide us with your insight and we hope that you have a more enjoyable experience in future events.

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  4. EG•ARMY

    EG•ARMY Forum Apprentice

    If you want fun, you can shoot a ship that strong as your ship! if you want to shoot weaker ships there are ships available 24/7 . No need to shoot them during events :) but it is not your fault it's the seafight's team fault because they don't make rules for events.
  5. шüʟғ™

    шüʟғ™ Someday Author

    How about the bots that BP give built up events that they can win.

    WHEN, yes WHEN will BP take care of the low life BOT cheaters in this game?????

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