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  1. The_Perseph0ne

    The_Perseph0ne Forum Apprentice

    Ok here goes,a little bit about myself maybe=P

    I live in Sweden in a small town outside the capital city Stockholm. I was young when i started this game , and well lets just say i am still young. I am a soccer fan and support Manchester United(UK) and on the homefront its Djurgården IF. Basically i am a sport freak who watch every olympics summer or winter. Tried every sport til i fell in love with handball. And last but not least i am a gamer freak also =) seafight, warcraft my PS games etc etc . Just a crazy woman who does crazy stuff .

    My memory is not that great , so i will see what i remember about my seafight years.

    I have played this game since august 2007 and i still have that boat in the docks,someday i might build it up just for the reason that it has a low ID number =) I play on US east server but have tried most of the servers , but my main server is the US East.

    Some old players may know me as HERLADYSHIP still ranked 7th in captures and players sunk =) for the little newer players you may know me as LADYWAR and for the very new players i am now DAUNTLESS. Like i said my memory sucks, But i started in a peace guild (was in there for a week) when i decided that its not for me . I love fighting to much. To be honest i miss the old days when u had to have actually skills to sink someone, HP was the same cannons was the same u were equal. I mean i still love seafight but somehow it feels like the old days were much easier and alot more fun. I have taken alot of trash during the years and i am hated alot , but i still try to think its just a game and i try to avoid the bad things. I seem to only remember 3 guilds ive been in during my time as a seafighter and that is F*P,SEC,NEW and now i am sailing with a 185 tag. But i know ive been in a few over the years. Alot of friends who have left the game i miss,some still plays. Great people i love to play with or have played with can be named , but that will be alot of names haha. I see myself as a good guildm8 who help out if needed and i am always around where the fights are most of the times. The only bad part about me is i have a very short temper , might be cause i have viking blood i dont know.

    Just recently took a year break from Seafight to play world of warcraft, But once a seafighter always a seafighter i guess.

    Cant think of anything else to say so i just leave with this for now. I will just put stuff in if i remember something .

    Take care on the waters everyone
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  2. Banshee.

    Banshee. Old Hand

    Welcome back, HERLADYSHIP/DAUNTLESS, and it's nice to meet you.
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  3. The_Perseph0ne

    The_Perseph0ne Forum Apprentice

    Thank you =) Nice to meet you too.

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