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    League of Captains

    The League of Captains provides you with the quality of life you deserve! Have an unloved quest or a bonus map that you cannot finish? Just assign it to a trusted captain!

    Maybe you'd rather send your Captain off on a dangerous mission to hopefully bring you back the great loot you deserve? Select the captain suitable for the job and enjoy the rewards!

    What is the League of Captains:

    Quite simply, the League of Captains is a place where you can recruit a Captain, train them, and if the task is suitable, send them to complete a Bonus Map, Daily Quest, or Mission for you.

    After a period of time, if successful in their task, you will receive the rewards for the task, without having to do it yourself.

    With some additional motivation (items the Captain would like), you can speed up the Captain so they finish the task even quicker.

    How to access the League of Captains:

    The League of Captains can be accessed under the Crew dropdown menu at the top of your screen, then selecting the wheel icon.


    Further Information:
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    Captain's Chests

    So you want to acquire some captains? Or are ye looking for some fancy equipment to assist them on their voyages? Fear not, the Captain's Chests are your answer.

    Open up Captain’s Chests for new loot! Each chest is guaranteed to recruit one captain plus a trove of useful items and equipment. Every captain has unique traits and have a chance to come with a perk. Perks enable jobs and unique loot opportunities.

    There are currently two types of Captain's Chests you can retrieve and open:

    Captains Chest

    The Captains Chest contains a variety of useful captain items. Also, on top of the chest sits a random captain.

    - 1 x Random Captain
    - 20 x Escudos
    - 5 x Pieces of Equipment
    - 1 x Random Potion, Catalyst or Orb

    Massive Captains Chest

    This chest contains an even bigger variety of useful captain items. Also on top of the chest sits a random captain.

    - 1 x Random Captain
    - 75 x Escudos
    - 6-8 x Pieces of Equipment
    - 2 x Random Potions, Catalysts or Orbs

    Navigating to the Captain's Chests

    To open a Captain's Chest you first need to be on the correct menu. After opening the League of Captains, simply press the "Captain's Chest" tab at the top of window to switch to the Captain's Chest.


    Viewing the possible contents of a Captain's Chest

    On the left-hand side of the window, you will see the different types of Captain's Chests you have on your boat. Click on the icon to select that type.

    Once you have selected a Captains Chest, on the right-hand side of the screen you will see your potential rewards.


    Viewing the contents for the Captains Chest, at the top you will see a list of the potential captains - you will gain one from this list. Underneath their name, you will see their Stat Values, the value of the stat will be a random number between and including the two numbers displayed.


    Underneath the Stats you will see a list of Perks. The captain you gain will have a random perk from this list.

    Please note, the captain you receive will not have all of the perks listed, these are just the potential perks that captain could receive!


    Towards the bottom left of the right-hand side area you will see the potential equipment heading. The number value on the image displays the amount of equipment you will receive from that chest.


    Finally, towards the bottom right of the right-hand side area you will see the possible amount of Escudos and other items you may receive when you open a Captain's Chest. The amount you receive can have a slight deviation from the listed value.


    Opening a Captain's Chest

    To open the Captain's Chest and receive your Captain, Equipment and Escudos, simply press the green 'Open' button!

    The page shall then update, showing you the Captain you received along with their stats and perks, the equipment and amount of escudos.

    Hovering your mouse over the equipment you will be able to see the benefits of that piece once equipped to your captain - further information on how to do this can be found below.


    To return to standard Captain's Chest screen, simply press the 'Claim' button.

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    So, you've heard about how Captains can do different types of tasks for you, you've heard about how to acquire them, now lets meet the 16 types of Captains you can earn in-game:

    Each type of Captain has a different range of bonuses; some may have naturally increases luck, reputation or vitality when compared to others, some may only come with specific perks when acquired.

    Fear not, you can hire multiple relatives of the same type of captain, for example, you could acquire Vivian Saltwood, Eva Saltwood and Janette Saltwood among others.


    Each captain has three different stats; Luck, Reputation and Vitality.

    Reputation increases the amount of the guaranteed rewards you can earn from Missions.

    Luck will improve your chance of receiving the potential rewards.

    Finally, Vitality is your captains hitpoints; when a task is done which has risk, this is the amount of vitality that shall be required to complete that task.

    Vitality will regain at a different rate based on the Tier of your Captain and how much their maximum Vitality is. The maximum amount of time it could take to regain increases as the Tier of your Captain increases.

    1. Outcast (no glow) regains 1% every 2.4 Minutes, with a maximum time to regain full vitality being 4 Hours.
    2. Harmless (green glow) regains 1% every 3 Minutes, with a maximum time to regain full vitality being 5 Hours.
    3. Dangerous (blue glow) regains 1% every 4 Minutes, with a maximum time to regain full vitality being 6 Hours 40 Minutes.
    4. Elite (purple glow) regains 1% every 6 Minutes, with a maximum time to regain full vitality being 10 Hours.
    5. Epic (orange glow) regains 1% every 7.5 Minutes, with a maximum time to regain full vitality being 12 Hours 30 Minutes.


    No doubt you want to hear about the Perks that Captains can gain? There are a total of 24 perks.

    When you first acquire a Captain, they may not have any perks, or if you're lucky, they will have 1 perk! As you increase your Captains tier (more on this later), you will unlock more perk slots, eventually allowing upto a total of 6 perks per Captain.

    Almahareen Trademaster.png
    Almahareen Trademaster
    Almahareen Trader.png
    Almahareen Trader
    Commonwealth Captain.png
    Commonwealth Captain
    Commonwealth Privateer.png
    Commonwealth Privateer
    Eagle Eyed.png
    Eagle Eyed
    Fenghuang Baron.png
    Fenghuang Baron
    Fenghuang Plunderer.png
    Fenghuang Plunderer
    Knife Thrower.png
    Knife Thrower
    Nautica Champion.png
    Nautica Champion
    Nautica Protector.png
    Nautica Protector
    Night Sailor.png
    Night Sailor
    Powder Freak.png
    Powder Freak
    Wind Whisperer.png
    Wind Whisperer

    There are five Tiers that a Captains can be:
    1. Outcast (no glow)
    2. Harmless (green glow)
    3. Dangerous (blue glow)
    4. Elite (purple glow)
    5. Epic (orange glow)
    Some tasks require the Captain to be a certain tier, these tasks will have an aura around their icon. In order to attempt these, the Captain must be a matching or greater tier.

    To increase a Captains Tier, you shall need to Promote the Captain!


    Sending a Captain out into a dangerous battle without protection isn't a good idea. Equip your captains with various equipment to boost their stats.

    Each Captain can hold a total of 4 items; one each of Headgear, Body, Hands and a Talisman.

    There are 5 Tier's of Equipment, the higher the Tier the better the benefits:

    1. Outcast's
    2. Harmless
    3. Dangerous
    4. Elite
    5. Epic
    Information on how to improve Equipment can be found in a later post in this FAQ.

    Equipping Equipment

    To equip your equipment, you first need to have some Equipment, this can be gained by opening Captain's Chests.

    Once you have some equipment, head to the Captain's Quarters submenu at the top of the window. On the left-hand side you shall see all of your Captains, and on the right hand side you shall see your list of Equipment.

    Firstly, find and click on the Captain you would like to equip Equipment onto. This shall then show the Captain in the large section in the middle, along with their currently equipped Equipment on the right-hand side of the middle section.


    Hovering your mouse over a piece of Equipment shall show you benefits of that piece.


    To add a new piece of Equipment, firstly select the type of equipment you wish to add in the top right of the window by selecting the icon. Once selected, you will see all pieces of equipment you have for that type, allowing you to scroll through, viewing the stats for each piece, before simply clicking the piece in order to equip it.
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    Improving Captains

    There are four different methods you can improve your Captain; Equipment, Leveling, Empowering and Promoting.


    Equipment can be used to increase the amount of Reputation, Luck or Vitality for your Captain by a percentage. You can select up to 4 pieces of equipment, one for each the captains head, body, hands and neck.

    In order to view how to equip Equipment, please view the post directly above this one.


    A Captain starts at Level 1, and their level can be increased all the way up to Level 10. Higher levels increase the values of the captain. You can see their current level by viewing the number underneath their image.


    In order to increase a level, you need to gain Captains Experience Points.

    The first method to gain Experience Points is by sending the Captain on different Missions, for each complete Mission they shall gain Experience Points. The second method to gain Experience Points is by Empowering Captains.

    Once a captain has gained enough Experience Points, they shall automatically increase in Level.


    The act of empowering a captain will remove the sacrificed captain from your account. However, the other captain involved in the ritual shall gain experience points from the sacrificed captain. There is also the potential that a perk from the sacrificed captain can be transferred to the other captain, under certain conditions;

    • The target Captain has a Perk Slot unlocked and empty.
    • The sacrificed Captain has at least one Perk that is not present on the target Captain.
    In order to empower, you first must head to the Captain's Quarters. From here, select the captain you wish to improve on the left-hand side.

    With the captain selected, press the first green button labelled "EMPOWER" and this shall open the empowering window.

    Note: You can not empower your base/starter captains.


    At the top of the sacrifice window is the information about your currently selected captain, again this is the captain which shall remain and be improved by the ritual.

    While on this screen, to select a captain to sacrifice, simply click on the captain you wish to use in the list on the left-hand side. You shall then see their information within the bottom section in the middle of the window.


    Within the middle of this screen you shall see a percentage. This is the percentage chance that the perk shall be transferred.

    While empowering, you can also add some potions to alter the ritual, each potion provides different benefits, or drawbacks!

    Lucky Learning Alpha
    Lucky Learning Alpha.png
    Use this potion and the chance to transfer a Perk is increased.
    • Perk Transfer +10%
    Lucky Learning Beta
    Lucky Learning Beta.png
    Use this potion and the chance to transfer a Perk is increased.
    • Perk Transfer +15%
    Lucky Learning Gamma
    Lucky Learning Gamma.png
    Use this potion and the chance to transfer a Perk is increased.
    • Perk Transfer +25%
    Lucky Learning Delta
    Lucky Learning Delta.jpg
    Use this potion and the chance to transfer a Perk is increased.
    • Perk Transfer +35%
    Head and Tails
    Head and Tails.png
    Removes a random Perk from the target captain and transfers a random Perk from the sacrificed captain.
    Heritage of Knowledge Alpha
    Heritage of Knowledge Alpha.png
    Using this potion will transfer an increased amount of experience.
    • Experience Transfer +10%
    Heritage of Knowledge Beta
    Heritage of Knowledge Beta.png
    Using this potion will transfer an increased amount of experience.
    • Experience Transfer +15%
    Heritage of Knowledge Gamma
    Heritage of Knowledge Gamma.png
    Using this potion will transfer an increased amount of experience.
    • Experience Transfer +20%
    Ranked Out Alpha
    Ranked Out Alpha.png
    Using this potion will transfer an increased amount of experience at the cost of reduced Perk transfer chance.
    • Experience Transfer +13%
    • Perk Transfer -10%
    Ranked Out Beta
    Ranked Out Beta.png
    Using this potion will transfer an increased amount of experience at the cost of reduced Perk transfer chance.
    • Experience Transfer +25%
    • Perk Transfer -10%

    To use a potion, simply click on the potion you would like to use for that ritual on the right-hand side.

    Note: Any selected potion shall be used and removed from your account when you press the 'Empower' button.


    Once you are ready to attempt to Empower, simply press the green 'Empower' button at the bottom of the screen, or the cancel button to cancel.


    Promoting (Increase a Captain's Tier)

    Promoting is the act to increase a Captains Tier. As described in the Captains post, there are five different tiers and to increase a tier you need to promote your captain.

    Promotion is a costly process, some conditions have to be met:
    1. The Captain must have a full set of Equipment of their current Tier
    2. The Captain must have reached level 10 and have a full experience bar
    3. You must have at least one Orb of Promotion of the required type or higher
    4. You must pay the required Escudos cost
    Note: After promotion the Captain's level resets, the Orb of Promotion is used and any equipped equipment is lost.

    You must first head to the Captain's Quarters. From here, select the captain you wish to promote on the left-hand side.

    With the captain selected, press the second green button labelled "PROMOTE" and this shall open the promotion window.

    The screen shall then change, with your selected captain and their stats being shown in the middle window towards the top.

    At the bottom of the middle window, you shall notice a list of requirements, these requirements must all be met in order to promote your captain. Firstly, the captain must be fully equipped with equipment of the same tier as the captain. You must have the amount of Escudos requested. The captain must be level 10 and fully experienced (a full experience bar). And, finally, you must add at least the level of Orb that is stated; you can add an Orb of a higher quality if you wish.

    To get an Orb, these can be obtained by opening Captains Chests or if you're very lucky by forging equipment.


    The following Orbs can be gained to promote:

    Harmless Orb.png
    Harmless Orb
    Dangerous Orb.png
    Dangerous Orb
    Elite Orb.png
    Elite Orb
    Epic Orb.png
    Epic Orb
    To add an Orb, on the right-hand side, simply click the orb you wish to add.


    Once the requirements have been met, these shall turn green, and you shall then be able to promote your captain by pressing the green "Promote" button.

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    Improving Equipment

    As well as improving your Captains, you can improve your equipment by forging two pieces together, with a catalyst if you choose. Start by heading to the Captain's Equipment tab.


    The first thing you shall notice when you have clicked on this tab is a list of your current equipment on the left-hand side.


    Once you have selected the piece of equipment you would like to improve, you shall see this piece of equipment display in the middle of the screen at the top along with its values.

    On the right-hand side, under the Forge Materials heading you will notice other pieces of equipment you have of the same type that can be used in the forge.

    Note: Any piece of equipment you choose as a Forge Material shall be lost.


    Once you have your piece of equipment you'd like to improve selected and your forge material, you can then press the green 'Forge' button to try your luck.


    Once you have pressed the Forge button, you shall notice four icons at the bottom highlighting, these are the possible outcomes of the forge:
    The item will change it´s bonus, but keep it´s type and tier.
    The piece has been rerolled and now provides different stats.
    The forge created imperfections in the piece of equipment, the tier of the equipment was decreased.
    Success! No issues occurred during the forge and the tier of the piece of equipment has been increased!
    Whichever icon is highlighted at the end is the result of the forge.


    Fear not though, if you have one, you can use a Catalyst to improve your chances! Each Catalyst has a different effect:

    Lucky Catalyst
    Lucky Catalyst.png
    Makes sure that the new values rolled are lucky (rolls twice and the better value is saved).
    Potent Catalyst Alpha
    Potent Catalyst Alpha.png
    Increased chance to upgrade the item.
    • Chance to Upgrade +15%
    Potent Catalyst Beta
    Potent Catalyst Beta.png
    Increased chance to upgrade the item.
    • Chance to Upgrade +30%
    Chaotic Catalyst
    Chaotic Catalyst.png
    Changes the item chaoticly into another one and then forges it.
    Preserving Catalyst
    Preserving Catalyst.png
    The item can´t be downgraded while forging.
    To use a Catalyst, before pressing forge, simply click on the 'Catalyst' sub-heading on the right-hand side underneath your Forge Materials, then select which Catalyst you want to use.

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    Captain's Pier (Tasks)

    Within the Captain's Pier you can assign a Captain to a task and set him on his way. The type of tasks a Captain can do include Bonus Maps, Daily Quests and Missions - further information on these can be found in the posts below.

    How do you access the Captain's Pier?

    The Captain's Pier is the default screen which opens after you load the League of Captains using the Crew dropdown at the top of your screen and selecting the wheel icon.


    If you are on a different screen within the League of Captains, simply press the "Captain's Pier" tab at the top of League of Captains window to switch to the Captain's Pier.


    You shall notice that you have one active Captain Slot which can be used to send a Captain onto a Task.

    Below that, there are other slots which can be rented; simply press the Charter Ship button and pay the cost indicated to have access to that slot for 7 days.

    Note: After 7 days you will lose access to that slot and shall need to rent it again.


    Assigning a Captain to a Task

    To start a job, the captain must meet the required general conditions:
    1. The Captain must be at least the same tier as the Task
    2. If the Task requires one or more Perks, the Captain must have at least one that matches
    3. The Risk of a Task cannot exceed the Captain's current Vitality
    Now we know the general rules, lets get into a bit more detail. To set a Captain onto his journey you need to open the Captain's Pier menu and press "Assign Job" to open the task assign window.


    On the left-hand side of the window you shall see expandable categories, these are the task types; Bonus Maps, Daily Quests and Missions.

    Once you have expanded a task category you shall be able to see the available tasks you can complete that day for that category.


    You shall notice that tasks may have a perk requirement listed next to them. This means that only a Captain which has at least one of the required perks of the task can be assigned to that task. If the task has no perk requirements, then any Captain can complete this task. For further information, please view the perks section of the Captains post within this FAQ.


    Some tasks may have a colourful glow around their icon. If there is a 'glow' around the task this designates the need for a certain tier captain. The colour of the glow corresponds to a specific tier. Your selected Captain needs to be at least as high as the tier required for the task. More information on ranks can be found in the Captains section of this FAQ.


    Once you have chosen a task you would like to complete, simply click on it to select it. You will then see the task display in the middle screen.


    On the right-hand side of the window, you shall see all of your Captains. Captains which are unavailable; on cooldown or another task, are greyed out.

    You can see the rank of the Captain, their level, the perks they have equipped and their experience bar.


    Once you have chosen the Captain you would like to use, as with you did for the Task, simply click on the Captain to select them and they shall display in the middle screen.


    A range of information shall be displayed to you once you select a Task and/or a Captain.

    Firstly, we shall start with the Task information. Within the middle section of the window, towards the top-left you will see the icon for the task with the task name below it, as shown below highlighted in red.

    Underneath the task name, is the Perks that are required for that task, if none are required, this section shall remain blank. The perk area shall be highlighted in blue below.

    Finally below the perks is the task details, as highlighted below in green. 'Time needed' is the amount of time it will take the Captain to complete the task (although you can speed this up as described further in this FAQ). 'Cost' is the amount of Escudos you shall have to pay for the Captain to undertake this task, if this is blank then you do not have to pay anything. The last detail shown is 'Risk', this is the amount of damage that will be inflicted to your Captains vitality, so your captain needs to have more vitality than the risk required for the task to send them on the mission.


    On the right-hand side you have the information relating to your chosen Captain. Similarly to the task, you first begin with an image of the Captain along with a colourful glow to show their rank if you have ranked them up.

    Below that you have their name and any Perks they have. The more perks you have which match the perks in the Task, the higher your reward shall be upon successful completion.

    Underneath, we have different information regarding your Captain; Reputation, Luck and Vitality.

    Reputation increases the amount of the Guaranteed rewards you will receive by a percentage.

    Luck increases the chance you will receive a possible loot item. Please note, that the amount of possible loot items you can receive is dependent on the amount of matching perks you have with the task. As an example, if you have 1 matching perk, you could only receive 1 possible item, if you had 2 matching perks you could receive 2 or 1, etc.

    Vitality, to start a task your captains Vitality must be more than the amount of risk required for that task.

    Finally, at the bottom you shall see the Guaranteed Rewards for completing the Task, and the Potential Rewards for completing the Task. As the name suggests, you will receive all the rewards in the Guaranteed section, however, in the Potential Rewards you may only receive one reward from that section.


    Once you have a Captain that is at least the same rank as the task, and has at least one matching perk, you can press the green 'Send Captain' button to send them on their way to complete the task.

    Captain is away completing a Task

    If your Captain is away completing a task, first and foremost the Captain shall be unavailable to you to send on another task or to improve until they have returned from their journey and had a short rest. They shall appear greyed out, and hovering your mouse over them shall display a tooltip explaining why they are unavailable.

    When opening the League of Captains, you will first be shown any Captains and the Task they are on, along with the amount of time remaining until their task is completed.

    Of course, should you not wish to wait that long you can provide some motivation to your Captain by giving them some items they may like. These items differ depending on the task being completed. To begin, press the green "Speed Up" button.

    On the resulting screen, you can either accelerate the by a percentage of the remaining time up to 3 times by adjusting the slider and pressing the 'Confirm' button. Alternatively, should you have all the items you can simply press the 'Instant Complete' button to immediately finish the task.


    Alternatively, you may not want to speed up the task, but instead want to recall your Captain to port without finishing the task. To do this, instead of pressing the speed up button as mentioned above, simply press the 'Recall' button, and then confirm the action. Doing this means your Captain will immediately return and won't require rest, and the task shall remain incomplete.


    Collecting Your Reward

    Once your Captain has finished the task assigned you will be able to collect rewards by going to the League of Captains menu and pressing "Collect Reward" button.

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    Task Type: Bonus Map

    When you have picked the "Bonus Maps" tab, all bonus maps that you have can be completed by your captain will display.


    Captains only dare to attempt certain bonus maps, these maps are:
    • Aquarius
    • Aries
    • Cancer
    • Leo
    • Libra
    • Sagittarius
    • Taurus
    • Virgo
    Note: Your Captain need a matching perk "Cartographer" to start some bonus maps, or the "Mapmaker" perk for some others.

    Captains do not require any ammunition to complete your bonus map.

    Time required

    Doing a bonus map is not an easy task, your Captain will require certain amount of time to complete the bonus map assigned.

    Aquarius Bonus Map: 45 minutes
    Cancer Bonus Map: 1 hour 6 minutes
    Sagittarius Bonus Map: 50 minutes
    Taurus Bonus Map: 22 minutes

    Reinforcement Contract

    Reinforcement Contract is a special item used to accelerate your captains performance to instantly complete a bonus map.

    This item can be obtained from the daily quests mentioned below:

    Of Great Renown - This quest can be accepted at SH19 by talking to Oswald Murray
    Third Time’s a Charm - This quest can be accepted at SH38 by talking to Hu Suyin-lin
    A Moment to Think - This quest can be accepted at SH44 by talking to Princess Zahra

    Note: Please remember that you cannot carry more than 30 Reinforcement Contacts on your boat.

    Why can't I see my bonus map when I enter the captains menu?

    Please be aware that your captain can complete only "full" maps - maps already started by you (manually) cannot be completed by your captain.


    Why can't I jump into my bonus map?

    You are unable to access any of your bonus maps once your captain has been sent to complete them.


    Why can't multiple captains do the same bonus map?

    Only one captain is allowed to do a specific type of bonus map at once. For example, two captains attempting to do a Cancer bonus map is not allowed, but one doing a Cancer bonus map and one doing a Aquarius bonus map is allowed.
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    Task Type: Daily Quest

    Captains can be assigned to complete different tasks for you depending on their perks.

    Once you open the "Daily Quests" tab it will display the quests possible for your Captain.

    Note: Your Captain need a matching perk in order to start one of the daily quests for you.

    Your Captain do not require any ammunition to complete the quest.

    Why can't I send my captain to do the daily quest?

    Please be aware that you will be unable to send your Captain to the same quest that either you or a captain has already finished.

    When the quest resets, this shall also be reset for the Captain.

    I can see the daily quests but I am unable to click on them. Why?

    Please be aware that the daily quests are connected to your pirate level.

    Your Captain will be unable to do the daily quests which are higher than your pirate level.
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    Task Type: Missions

    To view your available Missions, in the Captain's Pier, on the left-hand side click the "Missions" tab.


    Each day, you shall receive a random selection of Missions. The rewards for these Missions shall vary along with the time required, risk, rank and required perks.

    All Missions shall require you to pay your Captain some Escudos to complete.

    Note: Each mission can only be completed once per day, and may not appear the following day.

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