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    League of Captains

    We would like to introduce you a brand new update League of Captains!

    The League of Captains provides you with the quality of life you deserve! Have an unloved task? Just assign it to a trusted captain!


    The Captains can be found under Crew menu as shown in the picture below:



    For now we would like to introduce you to Captain Walter Buckingham.

    Captain Walter Buckingham is capable of completing some of your bonus maps for you!


    You can chose which bonus map will be completed simply by clicking on it.

    If you have picked a Sagittarius bonus map then a green check mark will apear next to it.

    Be aware, while your captain is on his task, during that time you are unable to enter any bonus maps.


    To assign task to your Captain you need to open the Captains menu which can be found under Crew.


    Captain Walter Buckingham is capable of completing Taurus Bonus maps for you.

    To asign him this task you have to make sure that you own at least one Taurus Bonus map and then press the Send Captain button.



    In the middle section of the Captains Menu you are able to view how much time will be needed for your Captain to complete the task that you assigned to him.


    Taurus bonus map takes 22m 30s for your Captain to complete, however you can boost your Captain performance by giving him some extra gunpowder and ammo!

    To do that simply click on Boost Captain button and chose what amount of ammo and gunpowder you would like to assign to your Captains journey.


    You can boost your Captain with some supplies up to 3 times. Each time you assign ammo and gunpowder to him the timer will go down. Which mean your Captain will be able to finish his task even quicker!


    If you take a closer look on this timer you will notice two colors. Green shows how much of a task your Captain already has completed. Blue shows how much time less your Captain will require to complete this task if you decide to boost his performance.

    If you dont want to wait till your Captains task is finished you are able to use the "Instant Complete" option.


    Your Captain can finish his task instantly for a small price.

    Reinforcement Contract

    This item is necessary for your Captain to finish his task instantly.

    Reinforcement Contracts can be gained as a reward from these quests (daily):
    Note: Please be aware that you cannot carry more than 30 Reinforcement Contracts at the same time. Which mean once you have 30 of these items you wont receive it as a quest reward anymore.

    However if you changed your mind you can always Recall your Captain from his duty by clicking on "Recall Captain".

    Once the task is completed you will be informed by following messeage:


    Your Captain needs some time to rest and return to full power before you will be able to assign another task to him.


    Please note that until your Captain returns from his journey you are unable to assign any tasks to him.

    Once your Captain is ready for another journey, you will be informed by the following messeage:


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