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Discussion in 'Technical Issues' started by 〤•Reis07™•〤, Oct 15, 2020.

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  1. 〤•Reis07™•〤

    〤•Reis07™•〤 Forum Apprentice

    can you fix the league rewards we didnt get any league rewards ?
  2. Bawdyn

    Bawdyn Forum Baron

    You might want to give them you account ID and server as it might just be you. I got my rewards.

    2020-10-15 12:00:12
    You received 1 x Competitor's coin.
    2020-10-15 12:00:12
    You received 13152959 hero points.
  3. I didn't receive mine either. I was rank 40 for manta league and no buff nor competitor coins.
  4. StarLightS

    StarLightS Someday Author

    Not sure if you know this so I'm just gonna ask, do you know that you need to be top 100 globally and not only in your server to get the buff?
  5. CamukaBigChief

    CamukaBigChief Forum Greenhorn

    I believe there is a problem. I am in GA3 in my server i was no.32 with 45 million ELP before restart. I couldn't get anything. Not even a coin. Even people between 1001-10000 get a coin but i got nothing. There is a problem with rewards.
    Please check my account :1353/42404280 thank you
  6. Sephiroth

    Sephiroth Someday Author

    SF_JohnRackham Today at 09:46

    it´s already forwarded to the team​
  7. Rymar

    Rymar Board Administrator Team Seafight


    this issue is known and has been forwarded.

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  8. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Count Count

    On your Seachart, you can click on the League Icon (right above the "Gemcutter" Icon) and then select "All Servers" to see how you rank globally at any point during the period.
  9. 8luckyjack8

    8luckyjack8 Forum Inhabitant

    missing mine too.
  10. шüʟғ™

    шüʟғ™ Someday Author

    Just close the League System, stop feed the cheaters.
    Realy cant understand why the Leagues still in game.
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  11. 8luckyjack8

    8luckyjack8 Forum Inhabitant

    User ID: 40/41868208. Hope my ID helps to get my competitor coins. Thank you.
  12. -sattam-

    -sattam- Someday Author

    So far, no compensation?
  13. *HMS*aZgaRd*

    *HMS*aZgaRd* Forum Apprentice

    Agreed, i was in top 100 of all servers and no coin or buff.
    Please fix, 634/39194120
  14. Rymar

    Rymar Board Administrator Team Seafight


    the missing League rewards for the last season should have been credited to you.

    Can you please confirm?

  15. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Count Count

    I got my 2 coins (no hero points).
  16. Rymar

    Rymar Board Administrator Team Seafight

    Hero points are nothing else but the amount of ELP you've made during the league season and have nothing to do with the game.

  17. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Count Count

    Then why are they normally posted monthly to my Logbook? That makes no sense.
  18. Rymar

    Rymar Board Administrator Team Seafight

    As determined, the coins are what you needed to receive.

    The hero points were just to inform you previously as to what you achieved.

    As to why you did not receive notification this month, I will have to forward this for a response.

    It may be that as the rewards were issued late this is not possible for this league.

    As there is nothing further to state I will close this post, pending any further update for you.


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