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  1. Hi guys, i returned after 5 years of stop and a lot of things have changed. I already read a lot of suggestions but i still have 1 question.

    I'm level 21 and i have 65k crowns and 1.3 billion ep and i don't know if i should use the crowns to level up or improve my ship (and how).



    All cannons are level 0 except .60 lev 5


    Damage sheet:

    Extra Arms 26/50
    Super Salvo 50/50
    Offensive Assault 50/50
    Critical Kill 16/50
    Powder Punch 50/50

    Defensive sheet

    Reduce Harm 50/50
    Voodoo Velocity 50/50
    Dodge Ball 50/50

    Economy sheet

    Speed Freak 25/50
    Harpoon Hustler 25/50
    Damage Maker 25/50

    I have

    700k pearls
    65k crowns
    18.5k crystals
    1150 yulongs

    I don't have a lot of gems, better i have is -20% damage taken and 16% cannon damage

    Thanks to everyone that will help me :)

    Ps: Sorry but English is not my first language
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