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  1. Rymar

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    Light of Tortuga

    Ahoy Pirates,

    Those who have played Seafight for a long time will be aware of the multiple reworks the Light of Tortuga has had throughout the years.

    However, this year, this item will have a large rework making it more dynamic and giving it a new purpose within the game.

    The basics are, with the new Light of Tortuga you will receive a buff when you activate it.

    The more damage you take while the item is active, the more you will progress towards the second, third and fourth stages.

    Once you have received enough damage, you will switch to the next stage.

    • Stage 1:
      • 1,000,000 Hitpoints
    • Stage 2 (replaces Stage 1):
      • 750,000 Hitpoints
      • 10% Hit Probability
      • +10 Speed
      • -25% Dodge
    • Stage 3 (replaces Stage 2):
      • 500,000 Hitpoints
      • 25% Hit Probability
      • +20 Speed
      • -50% Dodge
    • Stage 4:
      • You are destroyed
      • All Players and NPCs within a 5 square radius receive 1,000,000 Damage
    If you don’t want to move to the next stage, you can activate the Light of Tortuga again, and this will restart you at Stage 1.

    Other specifics about the Light of Tortuga:

    • Duration: 15 minutes
    • Cooldown: 5 minutes
    • Cannot be activated while
      • in battle
      • Stealthed
      • not in a normal map
    • Switching to a map that is not a normal PvP map will make you lose the buff
    Your Seafight Team
  2. Swift

    Swift Community Team Team Seafight