Suggestion Lower the interval on NPC boarding

Discussion in 'Users’ Corner' started by DIAL~911, Sep 11, 2019.

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  1. DIAL~911

    DIAL~911 Forum Apprentice

    Hi. I was wondering if this idea could get passed along. Could you please lover the interval on which you can cap NPC's 30 seconds is too long since so many of us can hit soo hard and on smaller NPC's you have to wait :( I think that if it was lowered to 15-20 seconds that this would be more convenient for a lot of people. Just keep in mind NPC not boarding for players. Thank you.
  2. I think it is reasonably set to be honest I can only see this helping the botters accumulate crowns quicker as ive noticed they just bounce from npc to npc without intervals I myself take the opportunity to steal caps and stuff while im actually at the game watching these players sailing around hitting every npc going even yours that you are shooting as its set to hit everything.. leave as is so there loosing out on boarding majority of the npc's there botting all night while they sleep/work/schooling. just my thoughts ty...
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  3. ThisIsTheLongestName

    ThisIsTheLongestName Someday Author

    well said
  4. ~turnip~

    ~turnip~ Old Hand

    I agree with the 2 responses. while it would help with the lower npcs and some quest npc's in the highers. it would not help in the sense of the illegitimate players then being able to farm such ships as guildblades or other ships to gain pearls at a faster rate than the people who actually do spend time to play the game that bigpoint wrecked years ago.

    The boarding cooldown timer is reasonable in my opinion and I would vote against the idea of changing it
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