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Discussion in 'Idea Pool & Suggestions' started by Łé††éяš~öƒ~мåяqµé, Sep 20, 2021.

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  1. Another player suggested that we have access to all our designs without changing the entire setup for each design...I think that is a great idea!

    Also...I think it would be nice to have the Market Cove items changed up a little. I far as I can tell the same items are there that were there when I began playing 12 years ago. Game has changed a lot, why not the cove as well?

    It would be nice to have some ways of gaining Big Points rather than the 3 per day in the raid map. Not that Big Points are extremely useful, and as another player pointed out, you have to be a slashing blades member to even use them....even so, why not give us a few more ways to accumulate them.

    I continue to be baffeled as to the necessity of the drop down error message that pops up right in the middle of the screen during game play (stopping the game until it is closed). For the most part, the error messages are self evident issues that most of us players already know. It seems to me that if the message is deemed truly necessary, move it to the side, give us a off/on toggle in settings...etc. etc.

    Along with the error message, "the developers' have decided we hed huge black 'explanation pop ups for menu items on the water. These are activated not by choice, but if you simply pass over the item for too long. At times, they pop up in random places in the screen, not just over the item in the menue. These 'informationi boxes' cannot be closed manually, but you need to wait until they close themselves. This, at times, disrupts the fluidity of game play...especially if you are attacking/being attacked! I simply do not understand why BP has chosen to put items in the game that restrict game play! It makes no sense at all!

    There are several more, but I think I will stop here. :p
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  2. that I think about it....there are a few more obvious suggestions

    Since half the server uses bots, why not give us all the codes so everyone can use bots. You know, "level the playing field" for the honest players and at the same time reduce the incentive for using bots in the first place!

    Right now, if you sink the same player more than twice (usually a bot) you are not allowd to accumulate more BP... My suggestion is that this restriction is lifted and you can cap and get battle points each time you sink another player, bot or not. Oh, I know...there would be complaints about that... How about taking BP away from players when you chain them. :p

    It seems the new bot dection algorithm is less than effective since I seem to find the maps full of program runners and I rarely (hardly ever) see the buff being applied. Just me?
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  3. Stefas98

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    I dont know if you read my idea about seafight designs and runes ... if not have a look into my post
    Moreover , i agree with you, why we dont get any BP for defeating someone more than 2 times? It doesnt matter if is a bot or not ..
    We still wasting AMO and time, so the game has to give you BP.
    even though someone is active or not and you can afford to defeat him 100 times per day you should get BP because thats the game sea/fight you are there to fight, you have the ability to pay and spy to see where the other is, so literally you can defeat someone all day and farm BP so...
  4. did see your post and I thought it was a great idea! I thought I liked it...sorry if I didn't. I think taking battle points away from players is a workable idea too....just think someone goes to bed emperor of the ocean, turns on his program, and wakes up fish food! LoL
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