Mercenary Fleet

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    Mercenary Fleet

    Mercenary Fleets are available to help protect, or attack, an Island in the higher maps.
    You can hire a Mercenary Fleet by visiting Monroe Robinson on the Sea Chart in 24/1!

    Hiring a Fleet

    Click the tab "Fleet" to open the new window.


    Here you will find different options on how to form your hired fleet:

    1. Sea chart, where to start the battle.


    2. Strength of the hired fleet => Low tier – Medium tier – High tier.

    Low Tier:
    2x Rusty Rustlers
    1x Keel Haulers
    Medium Tier:
    1x Rusty Rustlers
    2x Keel Haulers
    High Tier:
    2x Keel Haulers
    1x Water Walkers
    All fleets have a reload time of 2 seconds.

    3. Should the hired fleet show your tag or should it be neutral.


    Once you have made your choices, you simply click on "Hire Fleet". The fleet will immediately appear, and start fighting in the map you selected. You don’t need to be present - you hired a skilled unit who knows what to do.

    The fee for hiring the fleet will automatically be calculated as you make your choices.
    Each tier has different prices - and the price of any tier will get higher, when a fleet is purchased. When hiring additional fleets, the price for each successive fleet will increase. Prices will be reset every 20 hours.

    Each fleet will give you 3 ships for your chosen purpose, for a 10 minute duration.

    When a fleet is hired, there will be a 5 minute cool-down time on the server, where no one can hire a fleet.

    The hire fleet button will be disabled if:

    1. The cool-down is active.
    2. You don´t have enough currency.

    Reasons for neutral could be:

    1. You don't belong to a guild.
    2. You don’t want to disclose who has hired the fleet.

    If the guild island and the fleet are affiliated, the fleet will defend the island. Thus, the fleet will attack any player or fleet not belonging to that guild - exactly as the actual island will do. All other fleets shall attack the island.
    If you aren’t a member of a guild, you will not have this option. You will see those buttons disabled and the neutral option selected.

    Be aware, that if you send a neutral fleet to a neutral island, the island will not be attacked.

    If a neutral fleet conquers an island, the island will become neutral. Exactly as if it was conquered by a player without a guild. The neutral fleet will attack any player, when defending a neutral island.

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