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    Mini Map
    The Mini Map allows you to quickly move your screen to a different area of the map, and has some other useful functions too!

    mini map.png

    By clicking the Globe towards the bottom left of the Mini Map, the World Map will appear.

    Towards the top left of the Mini Map is a ship icon. Clicking this it shall then change to a Chest icon. When the Ship is showing, you will see orange dots on the Mini Map pointing out the location of NPC's nearby, and red dots for Players nearby. When the Chest icon is showing, if you have the Treasure Hunter, you will be able to see all the Glitters nearby and these shall be yellow.

    mini map glitters.png
    Your current map can be seen in the banner on top of the Mini Map, as you can see above, this pirate is in the map Safe Haven.

    Another feature the Mini Map has is the "Ping". This feature is only active when you are in a Group, it will then light up. Once clicked on it shall have a yellow outline, and then clicking the mini map a "ping" shall show for all members of your group in the same map.


    The last feature on the Mini Map is your navigation. Enter the coordinates you wish to sail to, press enter, and your Ship will automatically sail there. This feature also shows you the coordinates your ship is travelling too when you click on the water.

    navigation mini map.png

    Navigation is only available for Premium members.

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