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    World Map

    The World Map allows you to see the location of each map, your current location, the location of the Safe Havens, which faction is in control of each map and which Guild owns the Guild Island in each map.

    Open the World Map

    To open the World Map is very simple, on the mini map, you have an icon towards the bottom left which appears like a globe.

    Simply click the globe icon and the world map shall open for you!


    The World Map

    A blank image of the current World Map can be seen below.


    The starting map is map 1, this map anyone can enter. The first number of the map is the level requirement of the map, for example to go into map 2 you need to be level 2, to go into map 12 you need to be level 12.

    Your current map is highlighted with a yellow background with a ship icon in the bottom right, the following image shows your current location as being in the map SH (Safe Haven, more on these later!)

    Maps which you are able to sail into are shown in the color shown above. Maps which you are not high enough level for yet will show in a grey color as shown below.


    When hovering your mouse over one of these maps, it will show you what Pirate Level is required to go into that map, your current pirate level, and any Quest Givers what are located in that map.

    Some maps you will notice have an extra number next to them, like 21/1 and 21/2. What this means is that you will need to be level 21 to access these maps, but instead of there only being one level 21 map there are two with different content in each!

    SH maps are not like other maps, these are Safe Havens, a place doesn't have any level requirement, you just need to be able to access a map next to it!

    Safe Havens are labelled as SH on the World Map and are highlighted with a light blue color. To find more information on Safe Havens, please take your time to view the Safe Haven bible entry.

    Some maps contain Guild Islands, these islands start from map 4. To learn more about guild islands review the
    Guild Islands bible entry.

    On the World Map you can see which Guild owns the Guild Island for a particular map by viewing which Guild Tag is placed in the top left of the square. As an example, in the following picture guild [BP] owns the Guild Islands in maps 13, 14 and 15.

    The last piece of information shown on the World Map is which faction is in control of which maps. Not every map is controlled by a faction, however the maps which have a blue square located in the top right with a letter in, they are controlled by a faction.

    In the image below, you can see that maps 22/2 and 23/1 are owned by the Commonwealth and 32/1 and 32/2 are owned by the Fenghuang.

    c = Commonwealth
    f = Fenghuang
    a = Al'Mahareen

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