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    Guild Islands


    Guild Islands are larger than the average island, easily able to fortified and provide a safer spot for your guild members to dock their ships.

    There are five types of Guild Islands:
    • Guild Island (located in the Normal, Tropical, Ice and Lava Regions)
    • Commonwealth Guild Island (located in the Commonwealth Region)
    • Castle Guild Island (located in 25/1 and 27/1 in the Commonwealth Region)
    • Fenghuang Guild Island (located in the Fenghuang Region)
    • Al' Mahareen Guild Island (located in the Al' Mahareen Region)
    These four types of island differ in visual appearance and size. Regular Guild Islands can be equipped with Towers up to Level 4. Commonwealth, Fenghuang and Al' Mahareen Guild Islands allow Level 5 Towers, and the Castle Guild Islands provide extra defence of being able to equip Level 6 Towers because of their enormous size. More information on Towers can be found in the Guild Tower Statistics bible entry.

    When a Guild owns a Guild Island the towers will be prefixed with the Guild Tag, the island pennant bears the guild logo, and the guild tag shall show as owning the island on the World Map.

    Do you have some friends you'd like to share some protection with? Well with the Guild Diplomacy System you add other guilds to your alliance! Your Island defences won't attack your friends, but they will still blast your foes away!

    Guild Island Benefits:

    As well as providing a safe spot for your Guild Members and friends, Guild Islands also provide a few additional benefits:
    • 10% more content from glitters while in your Guild Islands Map
    • 10% less ammo is consumed while in your Guild Islands Map
    • 1% Discount per Island your Guild owns up to a maximum of 10%
    However, be careful, because while in your own map you will give enemy players 2 extra Battle Points when they sink you!

    Capturing a Guild Island:

    Conquering a Guild Island is simple, destroy all the Towers so it is defenceless, and the guild who has done the most damage will claim the island!

    Upon the capturing of an island, a message at the top of the screen shall appear saying "The island was captured by (TAG)!"

    Need some assistance taking a Guild Island? Located in 24/1 is Monroe Robinson, he will offer you some Mercenary Fleets, for a nice price of course!

    Note: Each guild can only control a maximum of 10 islands.

    Opening the Guild Island Administration window:

    The Guild Island Administration window can be used for a few different reasons, checking the status, viewing information, building or repairing your guild towers.

    To open the Island Administration window, simply click on the Guild Home in the middle of the Island when you are located inside the island.


    Once you clicked on the Guild Home, the Guild Island Administration window should then appear, which will look similar to the image below.


    Viewing Current Tower Information:

    Clicking on a Tower will show you information about the selected Tower. In the highlighted area below, it shows an example of the information you will be shown; the level, type, damage, hitpoints, reload time and the cost to repair the tower.


    Repairing Towers:

    If some no good pirates have attacked your island, you will need to repair your towers! This can be done in two different ways.

    Note: Towers can only be repair while they are not being shot.

    The first way you can repair your towers, highlighted in green in the picture below, is to click on the tower which needs repairing, then pressing the "Repair tower" button located at the bottom of the screen.

    The other way, would be to press the "Repair all" button, this will repair all damaged tower with just one click. This button is highlighted in red.

    Note: To repair towers you are required to have the "Repair tower" guild permission.


    Building Towers:

    You may come across a time when despite your guilds best efforts, a Tower or two has been destroyed! Rebuilding them quickly is good advice to keep your defences in top condition!

    Note: If you lose the island while Towers are being constructed, you will still lose the cost for them towers.

    To build a tower is a simple task. First you must select the slot you would like to place the tower, in the image below we have selected the first slot.

    Under the Changes category on the right hand side you shall see two dropdown boxes, these allow you to select the level and the type of the tower you wish to build.

    Information about the selected level and type of tower can be seen below this, along with the cost. We have also provided this in the forum in the Guild Tower Statistics bible entry.

    It is recommended that you review the level and type of tower along with the cost before you press the "Change tower" button to commence the build.

    Note: To rebuild towers you are required to have the "Build tower" guild permission and the funds available to cover the upgrade costs.


    After building the tower, you should receive a notification telling you the tower is being constructed like follows.


    Upgrade or Change the Type of a Tower:

    Sometimes, you may not have the funds at the time to build the highest level tower, or you may choose to build lower level towers. However, a time may then come when you will want to replace that tower with a higher level tower, or even change the type of that tower.

    Note: You can not downgrade a tower to a lower level. If the selected Tower is destroyed before the construction has completed, you will still lose the cost for the change.

    Changing the Type or Level of a Tower works the same way as when we are Building Towers. This time we select the Tower we would like to change first, then choose the desired level or type.

    Changing the type of the tower costs a fraction of the price. Changing the level of the tower however will cost you the full build cost of that level tower. Be sure you review your choices and are certain about your change before pressing the "Change tower" button.

    Note: To change a tower you are required to have the "Build tower" guild permission and the funds available to cover the upgrade costs.


    Max All:

    We know how tiresome it is clicking each individual slot then selecting the highest level then pressing build and closing the popup. That's why we have the Max all button!

    Pressing the "Max all" button located towards the top right will allow you to upgrade every tower to the highest level in one go!

    Note: If you lose the island while Towers are being constructed, or lose a Tower which is being upgraded, you will still lose the cost for them towers.


    After pressing the button, you will be shown a popup detailing the total cost of upgrading/constructing all possible towers, and the time it will take.

    If you are happy the paying the fees and waiting the time, pressing the "Max all" button will then start the upgrades. Alternatively, pressing "Cancel" will close the popup and no towers shall be constructed.


    Note: You are required to have the "Build tower" guild permission and the funds available to cover the upgrade costs.

    Construction Progress:

    All pirates are impatient, we know you will want to keep checking the progress of your towers, so we have added it in a easy to view way!

    Towers which are being constructed, upgraded or repaired shall have a hammer and wood icon in the slot, and underneath where the HP of the tower is normally shown you will see the construction progress bar!

    If you click on a slot which has this icon, you can also see the exact percentage it has completed so far!


    The Guild Islands Page:

    You can also see the progress of Towers without needing to be inside the island!

    Simply open the Guild Page, click "Guild Islands" at the top, and you can see an overview similar to that if you were to open the Guild Administration window.

    Along with construction progress, you can see the level, type, and hitpoints of all your towers. The date the island was conquered and the number of islands you own.


    If you want that little bit of extra detail, hover your mouse over any tower to see the exact hitpoints!


    Notify on Attack:

    If you choose so, you can add yourself on the notification list for when an island gets attacked! Choosing this option you'll be able to get a message delivered in the fastest possible way, seagull, that a specific island is being shot.

    Simply go to the Guild Page, click on "Guild Islands" then check the "Notify on attack" option.


    Upon doing so, if your island is shot you will get a similar notification as below.


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