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    Safe Haven

    Safe Haven

    The Safe Haven is a place of peace and clarity amongst the the destruction and shipwrecks. This map is a PvE map, meaning that you can not take damage while situated there.

    Containing various features and quest givers, the Safe Haven is a perfect spot to take some time and equip your boat to the best it can be!

    By opening the World Map, you can check where the Safe Havens are located. SH stands for Safe Haven and these have a blue background.


    More information can be found about the World Map in the World Map bible entry.

    To get into the Safe Haven, you have to travel to a map which has a Safe Haven next to it, for example 1, 3, 4, 7, 9, etc.
    Simply, you then travel to the edge in between, press the change map button and wait for the countdown to finish.


    To leave the Safe Haven, travel to the edge of the map adjacent to the map you wish to leave into, then press the "Change Maps" button. You will then exit the map immediately.


    To enter the Safe Haven, travel to the edge of the map that is adjacent to the Safe Haven, and click the "Change Maps" button. A 15 second countdown will begin, after which you will be transferred to the Safe Haven.

    Why can't I access the Safe Haven?

    1. Have you tried to visit a Safe Haven without the correct map access?

    2. Have you recently been in combat? You will not be allowed access to the Safe Haven if you are currently involved in battle.

    Safe Haven functions:

    1. Gem switching and upgrades. For details please view the Gem Crafting and Materials Bible entry.

    2. Guild search/apply. For details please view the Guild Search/Apply Bible entry.

    3. League System ascend/descend. For details please view the League System Bible entry.

    4. Spy. For details please view the Spy Bible entry.

    5. Cauldron of Aruba. For details please view the Cauldron of Aruba Bible entry.

    6. Richard Davis. If its Raids you enjoy, he will have some Quests for you to do, should you qualify.


    7. Fang Weisheng. Looking for some Trainers for ye pets? He's got them! For details of Trainers, please view the Pet and Pet Trainer Activation Bible entry.

    8. Quest-givers for Level Quests, and Level Testing. Please see the information concerning your Level for more details on these requirements.

    9. Quest-givers for Events. Please see the Event FAQ in question regarding details.

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